aipac and the federal election commission

it became clear that AIPAC had long history of in US electoral politics as it targeted non- AIPAC members of Congress for defeat with the use of 80 shell-front pro- Israel PACs.. ... With the participation of innocuous sounding PAC's such all of which were organized by AIPAC from..

aipac must get tough with the anti-israel left

Chuck Hagel, criticized AIPAC, the lobby remained mute. AIPAC did not answer back to argue for Jewish history Jerusalem.. ... AIPAC may have to adjust to the messy of Washington, D.C.. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not..

at aipac, republicans and democrats spar on what defines

That fight played out at this year's AIPAC policy conference, and where Republicans spoke about white supremacism and other manifestations on the right.. ... By rabbi who grew up in AIPAC, for its part, opened the conference with blessing Tree of Life and Pittsburgh-area choir singing. ..

vice president pence remarks at aipac

2019-03-25T10:29:35-04:00 Vice President Pence delivers remarks at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) annual conference in Washington, D.C. Vice President Pence delivers remarks at the American Israel Public Affairs..

» democratic hopefuls reject aipac– imemc news

The advocacy group MoveOn is calling on all candidates for Democratic nomination to boycott AIPAC conference, D.C this weekend. ... GREG WILPERT  such as Senators Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, and former Vice President Joe Biden, have all spoken at..

it’s omar’s party now

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Beto O'Rourke, Pete Buttigieg, and Julián Castro have all announced that they boycotting AIPAC. AIPAC boycott is related to Ilhan Omar's claim that American support for Israel is all about Benjamins, followed by. ..

the supreme court and dual citizenship

As AIPAC preps for its policy conference entitled. Connected for Good with expected attendance of 20,000 committed Zionists, its most Zionist Congressional supporters will also be in attendance that is, those. ... To take critical eye to AIPAC should not be construed as anti-semetic as..

is aipac in violation of federal election law?

Omar is confirming that she has been approached to pledge support since AIPAC's demand that every Member of Congress sign loyalty statement to Israel has been reported and is knowledge. ... To date, AIPAC is not registered with FEC as Political Action Committee nor is it registered with..

who will stand up for ilhan omar?

The assumption that AIPAC's interests are inherently Jewish interests is  anti-Semitic in the fusion of Israeli policy with all Jewish people, and belies the fact that AIPAC is also supported, and defended, by both liberal and right-wing Christian policymakers pushing U.S., pro-war..

why the term "israel first" matters

Israel Firsters are represented Washington by AIPAC, which is Israel's lobby in United States. ... In fact, that interest group, AIPAC, got Congress to pass bill, that bans any diplomacy with Iran without express approval of four Congressional committees in advance — as if..


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