hague court abandons afghanistan war crimes inquiry

there was a reasonable basis to conclude crimes had been committed and that the court had jurisdiction, the current circumstances of Afghanistan are such as to make the prospects for investigation and prosecution extremely limited... ... Bensouda requested authorization from November 2017 to..

international court judges reject afghanistan investigation

Judges at International Criminal Court have rejected request by the prosecutor to open investigation into war crimes and crimes against Afghanistan and alleged crimes by U.S forces linked to the conflict. ... Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Washington would revoke or deny visas to ICC staff..


Afghanistan 20 journalists killed in the past year. 27 March 2019. Afghanistan Journalists Center recorded total of 92 cases of violence against journalists in the past year... ... Afghanistan HRW Report Events of 2016 2016 was the year for journalists since 2001 12 were..

afghanistan: 20 journalists killed in the past year

Article 50 of Constitution states that the citizens of Afghanistan shall have the right to access information from state departments accordance with the provisions of the law. ... Media organizations call on Afghan Government and international donors to continue supporting the Media Fund and..

rebuilding afghanistan – asia sentinel

Many foreign or NGOs operating Afghanistan and Pakistan have reported that they faced more difficulty in carrying out their operations. ... Afghanistan is affected by the competition opposing the US and also by US-Iranian crisis, and the Indo- Pakistani rivalry. ..

what’s in store for afghanistan?

In attempt to give its credibility and erase the memory of Taliban rule, the US parachuted in the last King of Afghanistan, Mohammed Zahir Shah, in 2002 to preside over Loya Jirga, and then panicked, as many of the delegates were prepared to vote for Zahir Shah and block US-backed Hamid Karzai. ..

how the war in afghanistan will end

Terms of the negotiation include the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Afghanistan within 18 months in exchange for commitment by Taliban not to permit terrorist attacks to emanate from Afghanistan. ... More than 100 countries are contributing to Afghanistan except Pakistan..

afghanistan 10, rest of the world 0newsbiscuit

Yet with USA planning strategic, Afghanistan can boast of having overcome the greatest armies mainly by hurling pomegranates, shoes and Afghan expletive.. ... Bombastically, one wrestling announcer introduced Afghanistan 'Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the undefeated champion of Hindu..

media rally around ‘forever war’ in afghanistan

American withdrawal, experts said, would erode the authority and legitimacy of Afghan government and could consign Afghanistan to protracted, war, ers Mark Landler, Helene Cooper and Eric Schmitt wrote.. ... Accepted without question by Times is the idea that the US has right to enforce deal, or..

who should negotiate peace in afghanistan?

the only thing left for U.S military to do Afghanistan is to lose. Major General Sjursen was correct to concede U.S military defeat Afghanistan, and there is something more U.S public can and should do — pay reparations for the seventeen years of suffering we've caused..

afghanistan: america's shameful war

The United States, champion of freedom and self-determination, is now in its 18th year of Afghanistan. 'War at the Top of World, Afghanistan's Pashtun majority were fierce fighters and were brave. ..

end in sight in afghanistan? – asia sentinel

But the delayed denial, under the circumstances of identical withdrawal threat from Syria, adds more credence to what the US government is in the middle of doing Afghanistan looking for ways to get out.. ... According to some latest reports of Afghanis Analyst Network, Taliban have developed their..

afghanistan wading through blood

From 1989 onwards, the war between the regional powers vied to either control Afghanistan to turn it into backyard or wanted to relegate it to vassal state to use it as launching pad against regional adversaries. ... Pakistan, emboldened by the fall of USSR and the departure from the scene of the..

afghanistan: the hazaras are not safe

The attacks started in Khas Uruzgan district, part of the province where Australian personnel served as part of their lengthy deployment Afghanistan.. ... 15 civilians were killed in single clash Malistan on November and Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission released..

dialogue option called on for afghanistan

During the campaign, he considered it convenient to announce U.S from Afghanistan, and the announcement saw complete reversal.. ... Pakistan, China, Russia, and Iran are making joint efforts to end the conflict since Afghanistan is bound to affect them. ..

perils of privatising the war in afghanistan

POTUS Trump is perturbed at Afghanistan has gone for America in spite of the resources committed and loss of recorded 2,400 American soldiers lives.. ... Nevertheless, the idea of privatization of Afghanistan propounded by Erik Prince and Fienberg is laden with many perils, some of. ..

obama: significant progress in afghanistan war

Rather, we are focused on disrupting, dismantling and defeating Qaeda Afghanistan and Pakistan, and preventing its capacity to threaten America and our allies in the future.. ... And we will forge new with Afghanistan next year, so that we make it clear that United States is committed..

how to end the war in afghanistan

Yet on every occasion, once that lesson had been learned the hard and bloody way, Britain's imperial strategists sought, saner and more sustainable objective self-governing, self-policing, subsidized Afghanistan. ... Given the scale of the geopolitical challenges in this region, it can seem that..

afghanistan analysts network

This year, the commemoration of Muharram by Afghanistan's Shia Muslims follows wave of bloody attacks directed against them, by Islamic State of Khorasan Province. ... Bolton's intervention comes as the judges of ICC's Pre-Trial Chamber weigh up whether or not to authorise investigation into war..

china denies establishing military base in afghanistan

around 500 Chinese troops would be sent to Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor — sliver of inhospitable land between Tajikistan and Pakistan that also borders China. ... China is part of Quadrilateral Coordination Group that includes Afghanistan, Pakistan and United States which is part of..

is afghanistan ready for peace?

They were members of Afghanistan's peace caravan, in the country's southwest, to Kabul order to tell Afghanistan's warring parties that, in the words of banner they had hung on the embassy wall, We do not want violence... ... Rather, Pakistan has to be pressured to expel Taliban leaders..

afghanistan mentioned once in sotu

Al- Qaeda training camps are also reportedly sprouting across Afghanistan, more than 14 years after U.S troops were deployed to topple Taliban regime and pursue Qaeda after it used Afghanistan as base for the terrorist attacks against American homeland.. ... Pentagon acknowledged that..

isis presence in afghanistan confirmed

Helmand, one of the deadliest regions of Afghanistan for U.S and Afghan forces, is located along Afghanistan- Pakistan border next to Afghan of Kandahar, the birthplace of Taliban.. ... U.S has launched airstrikes against Khorasan Group Syria, which officials identified as seasoned..

obama ends afghanistan combat mission

-led international force ended its 13-year combat mission Afghanistan during the year of the war, American history... ... President Obama marked the end of the combat mission Afghanistan, ment from Hawaii arguing that U.S is more secure now... ..

us: investigate killings in afghanistan

US troops stop man to search him while on patrol near Maiwand District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, February 1, 2013. © 2013 Reuters The United States government should undertake thorough and investigation into new allegations of US in the killings of Afghanistan, today. ... In..

russian view on afghanistan

Afghanistan is capable of changing the geo-economic status of Central and South Asia and energy supply in the region ... Reportedly, refusal by Taliban Kabul to extradite bin Laden, was the main reason that prompted Americans to launch Afghanistan ... ..

obama on ending afghanistan war

President Obama says the goal of ensuring that al Qaeda never again uses Afghanistan to launch attacks against America is within reach. ... This week, I welcomed President Hamid Karzai to White House to discuss Afghanistan. ..

afghanistan: attack provoked

Pakistan has closed its western border to trucks delivering supplies to coalition troops Afghanistan, demanded that U.S abandon air base Pakistan and will review its cooperation with U.S and NATO.. ... Afghanistan's assertions about the attack muddy the efforts to determine what..

afghanistan: repeal amnesty law

, Accountability, not amnesia, for past and present crimes is prerequisite for reconciliation and Afghanistan. ... In practice, individuals have limited access to the justice system Afghanistan, corruption is rampant, and there is no protection system.. ..

u.s. won't pull out of afghanistan

Last week U.S Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, called for the administration to add more resources, James Jones, for lobbying in public. ... Divided on Afghanistan, Congress takes up defense spending bill this week even before the president settles on direction for the war. ..

afghanistan: abuses by u.s. forces

-administered system of arrest and detention Afghanistan exists outside of the rule of law. ... Abusive governments across the world can now point to U.S forces Afghanistan, and say, 'why ca not we. said Adams.. ..

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