what is a constitutional crisis? i asked 10 experts.

President Dwight Eisenhower insisted the law be followed and sent Airborne Division of US Army to enforce the constitutional mandate of equality and protect the black students as they went to school. ... In this example, the crisis might be resolved by the imposition of force — say,..

decorated war veteran has drive to succeed

From improvised explosive devices to geometry, the range of topics Perry West has taught over the last two decades serves as rough sketch of his life as both veteran of United States Army and in University of Georgia's College of Education.. ..

vietnam, a us tragedy

Without destroying North Vietnam in fury and thereby risking war with China and Soviet Union, it's US Army and Marine Corps could have forced the communists to capitulate. ..

the new york times

Alex Zahl, manager for United States Army Corps of Engineers and World War I buff, -of-the-art science detecting remains of experiments dating to 1918... ... Entering the fray two years Belgium, United States Army had neither gas masks nor gear, and..


On Sunday, US Army pulled its forces back from their base Eastern Deir Ezzur in sudden move and after ISIL stormed SDF and the US aircraft did not provide them with backup on Saturday.. The army's move came local activists said, adding that the US army has retreated to..

7 marcos ministers to attend burial

During Japanese in 1943, Marcos formed Maharlika Group not as unit to fight Japanese except contraband to Japanese army and during he in 1945 to PILFER weapons and materials from US army bases.. ... Mcarthur, that he was Philippine and Bataan death-March prisoner and he was investigated..

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