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Supreme Court to hear appeal from court's ruling that the owner of bed and breakfast Hawaii violated the law, when she refused to rent room to couple and guidelines issued by U.S. ... Washington State Supreme Court, in 7-2 vote, concluded, We answer the certified..

op-ed: the supreme court just abdicated its most

On Thursday, Supreme Court held that federal courts cannot hear challenges to partisan gerrymandering and thus abdicated its most role enforcing United States Constitution.. ... Madison, in 1803, Supreme Court declared that it is the province and duty of the department..

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The Supreme Court (Number of Judges) Amendment Bill, 2019 is being discussed and considered. . ... The Supreme Court (Number of Judges) Amendment Bill, 2019 . The Chit Funds (Amendment) Bill, 2019 . ..


Gibraltar's Supreme Court ruled on July 19 that the Iranian tanker seized by Britain's Royal Marines can be detained for 30 more days. ..

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