'3,000 people died': democrat accuses ben carson of corruption and

You withheld the money just to Puerto Rico. The answer to this is the disdain and contempt of this administration toward the people of Puerto Rico, Velázquez, said during House Financial Services Committee hearing on affordable housing Tuesday. 3,000 people died..

ysph partners with university of puerto rico to

With support from National Institutes of Health, Yale Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS and University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus launching two projects designed to address Puerto Rico's HIV problem as part of Ending HIV Epidemic initiative. ... ..

climate change: yale and abroad

We spoke about the 2018 protest, the history of conflict between Investments Office and Yale's body and, of course, Puerto Rico. ... As result, U.S passed Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act. ..

daniel edgardo adorno-cruz

Redes sociales, movilización y cambio político en Puerto Rico Published on 12 August 2019. ... Social media, mass mobilization and political change Puerto Rico Published on 12 August 2019. ..

mass movement topples governor of puerto rico

Two weeks of almost continuous mass protests have forced the resignation of the governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello Monday 22 July culminated in general strike and the largest protests in the history of this US territory, with 500,000 people on the streets out of population of 3.2..

in puerto rico ‘the people united will win!’

The slightly edited message below was presented by Ed Ortiz, on behalf of Call to Action on Puerto Rico, at July 26 Moncada Day commemorative program held New York City on July 27.   . ... Each year, during the time of United Nations Decolonization Hearings on the colonial case of..!/quality/90/?

trump administration yet to deliver much of the disaster funds it owes

In January interview, HUD Brian Sullivan denied that Puerto Rico had submitted the action plan necessary to disburse billions in relief funds. ... I advocated for Puerto Rico and assured White House that Puerto Rico had sufficient financial controls..

federal judge approves substantial debt restructuring deal for

Taylor-Swain's ruling said the compromise is admittedly, disappointing to countless citizens of Puerto Rico and investors Commonwealth bonds... federal control board that oversees the island's finances praised the ruling, ment that the bond restructuring will help Puerto..

puerto rico's government, independent agency clash

Puerto Rico that was created to collect independent and data and provide it to the government is in battle with the government after Gov. ... The governor appointed Alex López Echegaray, member at Puerto Rico's public El Conservatorio de Música and president of the..!/quality/90/?

elizabeth warren refines populist message and tests out pitch to

., tested attacks on Trump and in early campaign stop Puerto Rico Tuesday... ... I'm not here to talk about what happened to the economy of Puerto Rico, what happened to the children of Puerto Rico, because it poll tests well. ..

puerto rico’s war on its poor

In bid for renewed relevance to the metropole, during Puerto Rican elites attempted to reposition Puerto Rico taking it upon themselves to develop new policies and practices regarding security, policing, and public housing policy. ... The sweetheart deals, the massive spending..

post on politics

Endorsement watch Democrats Gillum, Nelson to appear today with Puerto Rico governor 7 45 am Oct 1, 2018. Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló will make a campaign announcement with Democratic Sen. ..

atheist billboards go up in puerto rico to promote

Billboards sponsored by American Atheists are now up San Juan and Ponce, Puerto Rico, to mark the upcoming conference there this August. ... Separation of religion and government is Puerto Rico — just this month, unconstitutional police blockade Santa Isabel stopped..

newly elected puerto rico delegate, governor vow

With the election of governor and statehood-seeking delegate to Congress, Puerto Rico could be on the verge of era of cooperation -- or deepening of the bitter status conflict that already divides the territory.. ... Acevedo Vila, set to become the governor of Puerto..


Statehood would be the end of Puerto Rico as nation, says Fernandez, 47. ... Puerto Rico is that somehow the island ca not make it on its own, says Angelo Falcon, president of Institute for Puerto Rican Policy, New York City.. ..

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