minorities as president or prime minister

The Constitution which proclaimed Pakistan Islamic Republic reserved the office of President for Muslims and left the office of Prime Minister open to all citizens of Pakistan. ... The Amendment restored the language and therefore we returned to the position that only Muslims can hold..

richard gonzales, npr

Forty-nine people are dead and at least 20 are seriously injured in what New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says 'can now only be described as a terrorist attack.' . . ..

joshua leifer

Yet the expiration of the two-state paradigm under Prime Minister Netanyahu and the lack of a clear alternative to take its place has kicked that pillar away, disordering the politics of Israel-Palestine in the United States. ... Prime Minister Netanyahu told an audience..

spotlight on iran july 17 – 31, 2016

He met with Imad Mohammad Deeb Khamis, prime minister of Syria, who expressed his gratitude for Iran’s support of Syria, saying that the Islamic Republic was supporting Syria under extremely difficult conditions. ... He told the prime minister he had suggested to the..

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