the enemy is not resistance

Israel’s policy of creating “facts on the ground”– that is, the illegal settlement project – has transitioned from a de facto expulsion and annexation policy into a de jure one, as its prime minister calls for the removal of Palestinians and the annexation of the West Bank, and the..


Janša is a close ally of Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán, obsessed with the migratory menace, and decidedly pro-American. ..


Unsurprisingly, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to incite further violence by falsely claiming that his forces are fighting terrorists. . ..

welcome prime minister orbán

The tone was set in remarks by Szijjarto who, Washington Times reported, said the government of Prime Minister Orbán is 'natural ally of Trump administration, one that is willing to challenge the orthodoxy within European Union hat has been critical of his government and Trump..

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