ethiopia: abiy’s first year as prime minister,

Abiy Ahmed was sworn in as prime minister of Ethiopia. His first few months in office saw many positive human rights reforms and a renewed sense of optimism following several years of protests and instability, along with decades of repressive authoritarian rule. ... This week we will..

ethiopia: abiy’s first year as prime minister

This week we will publish series of assessments of Prime Minister Abiy's first office, looking at his performance regarding eight key human rights priorities and providing recommendations on what more needs to be done in his second office, leading up to elections scheduled for May 2020.. ..

india prepares to vote in world's biggest election

worker displays T-shirts with images of Chief Minister of West Bengal state Mamata Banerjee, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India's Congress party Chief Rahul Gandhi and logo of Communist Party of India CPI, for inside shop at ahead of India's, Kolkata, India, March 26, 2019... ..

amazing images from reuters: april 2, 2019

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga unveils 'Reiwa' as the new era name at the prime minister's office in Tokyo, Japan, April 1, 2019. . . . . . ... A figure depicting Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May is pictured outside the Houses of Parliament in London,..

the vice president

Because we want the vice president in Egypt devoted to his tasks–not looking forward to dreams of the future–we sequester that position from currents and whims, leaving him in the service of the nation and the president, running the affairs of the state through the prime minister, and..

the atheist conservative: » labor

President Trump; . restored the U.S. alliance with Israel and welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House; . restored U.S. leadership in the world; . enforced red lines against the use of chemical weapons in Syria; . dropped the Mother of All Bombs (MOAB) on ISIS,..

women and the modi raj

The BJP put forward as the prime ministerial candidate its poster boy, Narendra Modi, on the basis of his model of industrial development while chief minister of Gujarat, one of India’s richest states. ..

president rivlin’s reveries

But his congratulary comments to Prime Minister were something else, save and except  for Canadian Parliament's decision to freeze its relations with Iran and to declare Islam Revolutionary Guard terrorist organisation.. ..

trump in warsaw, 80 years after wwii outbreak

'It would be inappropriate to commemorate the anniversary of armed aggression against Poland with the participation of a leader who is today acting this way towards a neighbour,' Poland's deputy prime minister Jacek Sasin said in July. . ... Polish Prime Minister Mateusz..

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