rouhani: white house mentally disabled

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani White House Is Afflicted with Mental Disability America Is Discouraged and Confused. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in June 25, 2019 address that aired on IRINN TV that America, White House, Pentagon, and CENTCOM are discouraged..

iran's rouhani rejects talks with washington

DUBAI LONDON - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani rejected talks with United States on Tuesday, after President Donald Trump said Iran would call and ask for negotiations if and when they are ever ready... FILE PHOTO Iranian President Hassan Rouhani attends talks..

dueling agendas: russia and china v. the us

In response to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani earlier saying US confrontation with Islamic Republic would be the mother of all wars, Trump shot back tweeting.. To Iranian President Rouhani NEVER, AGAIN OR YOU WILL SUFFER CONSEQUENCES THE LIKES OF WHICH FEW THROUGHOUT..


TEHRAN - Two former prime ministers and National Security Council of Iraq went to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's Baghdad on Tuesday to voice their gratitude for all Tehran's supports in Arab war against terrorists.. ... TEHRAN - Iran's Ambassador to Damascus Javad Torkabadi said that..


Iranian President Rouhani visited Iraq for first time as Islamic State kept up insurgency. Rouhani visited Iraq 11-13 March, meeting President Salih and PM Mahdi and signing MoUs for joint projects involving sector, trade and infrastructure. ..

iran holds no resentment towards saudis: analyst

Q President Hassan Rouhani said during his speech that we are ready to make every effort to protect the interests of Saudi people against terrorism and superpowers, in the same way that we helped the people of Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.. Now, as far as helping Saudis against the threat..

this week at state: november 30, 2018

On November 26, ment following comments by Iranian President Rouhani, once again, calling for the destruction of Israel and his comments at international conference encouraging Muslims around the world to unite against the United States.. ..

the next great war

President Rouhani and his Foreign Minister need to convince skeptics Iran's that the economic benefits of what remains of JCPOA still beat the benefits of resuming enrichment, Salehi-Isfahani argues... ..

why iran needs a war economy

These real-value and employment generating activities, have become dormant under President Rouhani — largely by persistent and out-of-control barrage of imports, both legal and illegal.. It's altogether ironic that while the most advanced capitalist country in the world is resorting to..

iran supports stable, united iraq: rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and the head of Iraqi National Alliance, Ammar al- Hakim, meet Tehran on July 4, 2017 Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has warned of divisive plots against Iraq, saying Tehran backs unity, stability and in its western neighbor... ..

iran will wait for trump to lose power

The tweet came after weeks of speculations that meeting between Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani might take place on the sidelines of UNGA sessions.. ... Last year, Iranian government had to turn down requests from White House for such meeting eight times and this year..


Iran ...

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