commander: us-proposed coalition in persian gulf

TEHRAN - Deputy Commander of Khatam al-Anbia Central Headquarters Brigadier General Ali Shadmani said that US-proposed plan to form in Persian Gulf to escort the vessels has already failed, to establish security... ... Elsewhere, General Shadmani advised Persian Gulf..


TEHRAN - Reckless military moves in Persian Gulf could lead to fraught with unpredictable and destructive consequences, commenting on tensions between the US and Iran... ... By the media several days ago, TEHRAN - Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy stopped foreign oil Lark Island in..

of course iran hawks want war with iran

Harry Kazianis wrote article for The American Conservative about the wargame he participated in that simulated war with Iran in Persian Gulf, and the results were very ugly. ... To make clear that it wo not tolerate any further US military operations against its forces, Iranian..

fmr irgc navy cmdr: u.s. must leave persian gulf

Former IRGC Navy Commander General Ali Fadavi Our Plans State That Americans Must Leave Persian Gulf. ... Our plans state that Americans must leave Persian Gulf.. The documentary also featured interview with current IRGC Navy, General Alireza Tangsiri, that Americans..

united states war crimes during the first persian

Sometime Pentagon proceeded to revise its outstanding war plans for U.S military intervention into Persian Gulf order to destroy Iraq. Defendant Bush has continued to lie and cover up to American people and Congress the true nature and extent of U.S casualties during Persian..

‘us itching for a fight in persian gulf

This US Navy photo obtained August 25, 2016 shows the patrol craft USS Squall as it transits in Persian Gulf acting as small boat threat towards USS Mitscher on January 14, 2015 Embed.. ... Certainly, United States knows Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz is sensitive..


At the time, Navy has accelerated training and maintenance schedules for many ships, including three battle groups based on West Coast, so that they could be ordered to steam toward Persian Gulf on short notice.. ... In another sign of war preparations, Central Command has is sending 600..

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