trump doesn’t need the white house press corps

President's House, the home of Donald Trump as long as he serves in the office to. West Wing contains Oval Office and the offices of senior staff. it was built by President Richard Nixon in 1969, when White House passes were regarded as privileges.. ..

obama welcomes trump to white house

US President Barack Obama meets with President-elect Donald Trump in Oval Office at White House, Washington, DC, November 10, 2016 Embed.. ... One Trump joined Obama in Oval Office on Thursday.. Speaking to Obama hailed the excellent conversation with his successor and..

obama on mtv and the hidden oval office door

Obama On MTV And The Hidden Oval Office Door. President Obama travels to participate in hall meeting with young people that is televised on BET, MTV and CMT... ... President Obama says he uses it to get into the oval office... Support this story and all the stories..


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