calling bullshit on the new zealand chief censor

David Shanks, New Zealand's chief censor., has in Daily Telegraph. Here he is talking about Christchurch massacre that was live-streamed to the world.. ... By hundreds of thousands of people, Nobody can tell me how many versions got through and were viewed, and I suspect it was viewed,..

on my visit to new zealand

., is one of the three languages in the country, the others being English  and Sign Language, sets New Zealand apart from other colonized spaces, where indigenous peoples, cultures, languages and rights are, to various extents, inconsequential.. Australian terrorist whose name will not be..

the decline and fall of australian economics

delicious little morsel at just over 250 pages, Alex Millmow's A History of Australasian Economic Thought still manages to convey distinct sense of what was diverse definably branch of economic thought Australia and New Zealand. The principle of Millmow's narrative is the history of the..

thousands protest trump in new zealand

Like the in the US, New Zealand events were billed as women's marches, in line with Democratic Party's promotion of gender-related identity politics. In Myers Park, Auckland, the speaker, New Zealand- American Tracey Barnett recalled the inauguration of Barack Obama,..

a new new zealand channel.

Published on May 16, 2013 New Zealand TV and Videos Idents 0 Comments Tags new zealand, sky... > Quicktime H.264 > iOS Compatible > Watch Flash. > Quicktime H.264 > iOS Compatible > Watch in Flash. new channel launched New Zealand this week..


Auckland ...

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