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Well, the evidence shows and now there are impact evaluations coming from Africa, coming from Latin America, coming from Europe, huge impacts on children's lives. ... UNICEF's Chief of Child Poverty and Social Protection Unit, David Stewart, said, the evidence shows and now there are..

cia in venezuela: 7 rules for regime change

Trump's to Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, was pursuing regime change Latin America, via illegal means 30 years ago  of withholding information from Congress in Iran-Contra, Abrams was pardoned by President Bush.. CIA has 75-year history of regime change operations Latin..

the retreat of the pink tide in latin america

One of the explanations for the rise of the center-left governments ago was that United States was and that opened the door for the pink tide governments and also for growing Chinese influence Latin America. That the US failed to intervene militarily Latin America in..

trump’s crusade in latin america

What we witnessing Venezuela is Latin America policy that draws from Cold War and the era of US interventions, when regard for democracy and law mattered little and anticommunism was the motif. ... What matters is that interventionism Latin America is being restored,..

ways of resistance in latin america

At the end of Ben Dangl's first book, The Price of Fire Resource Wars and Social Movements Bolivia, he wrote, Neoliberalism has dug its own Latin America, and new alternatives, are evolving in its place.. ... The product of that exploration is Dancing with Dynamite Social Movements and..

peculiarities of us imperialism in latin america

Pentagon transferred its military focus from Middle East to Latin America, identifying military and political clients among key regimes namely Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru and Chile.. Washington's Latin American electoral processes opened the door to exploitation of..

fabiana frayssinet

Latin America produces just five percent of the world's plastic, it imports billions of tons annually for the use of all kinds of products, some of. ... By working in the economy or irregular conditions, large proportion of the migrant workers Latin America and..

venezuela experts

Congress several times and is the author of more than half dozen books and more than 40 academic articles on Latin America.  ... He has served as in domestic and litigation and arbitration proceedings in U.S and Latin America. ..

extreme poverty on rise in latam

More people are living Latin America than at any time since 2008, Economic Commission for Latin America and Caribbean, said on Tuesday.. ... Latin America has also seen a notable reduction income inequality since the beginning of 2000, ... ..


Nedap, in swine and management systems, hired Cheryl Day and Jeff Morten to join its North American swine support team and José Roberto Simeone for its Latin America swine support team. Day joins Morten joins as U.S sales manager and Simeone as Latin America sales..


How research on the shadowy machinations of U.S security aid and arms sales shaped NACLA's with Latin America — web-only feature for our 50th anniversary issue... ... For the last two decades, the dominant narrative justifying U.S activities Latin America has been the..

making visible the weapons of empire

Michael Klare and Nancy Stein were staff members and progenitors of NACLA's research on arms sales to Latin America, and they took advantage of FOIA to expose U.S overseas military training programs in 1976. ... In Trump, Washington is again seeking to cut aid programs, purportedly to..

gassing migrants

After all, Latin America, and Trump has staked his life on securing the border. ... We have no need to migration or refugees, except those who do fear them might start working to liquidate American empire, for the chaos it has wreaked Latin America, Middle East, and..

russia infiltrates latin america

Russia Infiltrates Latin America . . Russia Infiltrates Latin America . . . ... Russia Infiltrates Latin America . . . Russia’s dalliance in Latin America is part of the Kremlin’s broad campaign to undermine and oppose the United..

where is latin america going?

During recent tour of Latin America, I met some of the people who heading or significantly influencing the new governments of the region. ... He is the author of Global Crossings Immigration, Civilization, and America and Liberty for Latin America How to Undo..

pity latin americans (and us too)

To this day, conservatives, both Latin America and United States, sing the praises of Pinochet because he brought conservative economic policies to Chile. ... Like the left-wing and Latin America, American right-wingers and left-wingers fighting for the power and..

what’s left in latin america?

The difficulty of discussing what is or what remains of Latin America today is that memories of US interventions enable some to argue that it's the threat from the 'eagle of the north that limits and threatens the freedom of manoeuvre of the left. ... Nonetheless, pattern is in the way..

sir alan duncan addresses the chatham house latin

It's in scale to what has happened Yemen or Syria, n by Venezuela to refugees and migrants from elsewhere Latin America during the last century.. ... Since William Hague, as Foreign Secretary, launched Canning in 2010, United Kingdom has sought to increase its investment, its attention..

religion in latin america

Yet identification with Catholicism has declined throughout the region, beliefs and practices 18 countries and one U.S territory across Latin America and Caribbean.. ... 46% of Hispanic Catholics in U.S and median of 40% of Catholics across Latin America say they are..

the global catholic population

Latin America was the most heavily Catholic in both years, and the share of the population that is Catholic decreased from about 90% in 1910 to 72% in 2010. ... Three-quarters of Catholic immigrants living in U.S are from Latin America and Caribbean, while about 10%..


The greatest share of Christian population is Europe, followed by Latin America and Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa. ... Christians are North America, Europe, and sub-Saharan Africa. Christians have the median age as Latin America and Caribbean. ..

san francisco bay view » haiti and latin america

Filed Under: Haiti and Latin America . Tags: 2018 national presidential elections • Comandanta Miriam • corruption • drug cartels • EZLN • Good Government Junta • Good Government Junta of Morelia • Indigenous Governing Council • Indigenous Government Council • indigenous..

latin america’s corruption comeuppance

With Brazil's President Michel Temer under investigation, Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos facing allegations, Peru's former President Alejandro Toledo on the lam, and scores of others embroiled bribery charges, Latin America is facing its corruption comeuppance. ... Corruption has..

latin america

Two articles exploring current developments in Venezuela are introduced by Red Pepper's Latin America editor Pablo Navarrete. . ... Oliver Stone's new documentary chronicles the emergence of progressive governments in Latin America. ..


Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer, General Entertainment, Turner Latin America... Senior Vice President and General Manager for Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Tooncast Latin America... ..

committee for a workers' international

Historic handshake between Barack Obama and Raúl Castro, Venezuela, and stalled reforms Bolivia and crises Brazil symbolise new turn Latin America and Caribbean... ... Document on Latin America, agreed by CWI International Executive Committee... ..

irans strategic penetration in latin america

During International Conference on Latin America held Tehran February 2007, Iran's Foreign Minister, Mehdi Mostafavi, announced the opening of embassies Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Uruguay and Bolivia, and that number of Latin American countries would open embassies Iran.. ... ..

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