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It's clear, that many of those demonstrating Hong Kong identify with liberal values, are hostile toward communism, and would welcome legislative support from Western governments that exceeds the rhetorical backing voiced by Nancy Pelosi, Democratic of US House of Representatives, and..

appellate court reaffirms ellis act protections

The tenant to beat Ellis Act eviction at trial is now able to rest easy knowing that the jury verdict and subsequent court judgment will remain intact.  Ellis Act is law that allows landlord to withdraw rental properties from the residential rental market, provided that the landlord complies with the..

how african american land was stolen in the 20th century

At the heart of the story is in many forms how the promise of emancipation after Civil War was broken how whites used bureaucracy and twisted legalisms to take black land from owners too poor to defend themselves how the teaching of American history was whitewashed to bury this story. ..

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