just rumors or is hillary clinton seriously

Do your job” Hillary Clinton responded in a tweet to Trump when he said that “I think that Crooked Hillary Clinton should enter the race to try and steal it away from Uber Left Elizabeth Warren.” ... Elizabeth Warren will not be President or Vice-President without..

hillary clinton is still running against donald

Considering the ineptness of the alphabet networks and other Trump haters and Democrat presidential hopefuls, it's not surprising that Hillary Clinton wants to return to White House and thinks it may be possible.. ... Zac Petkanas, the Hillary Clinton response director..

wsj: 2017 politico investigation puts hillary

The Wall Street Journal's James Freeman observed Monday that Hillary Clinton is now joining Joe Biden in the new spotlight on United States relations with Ukraine.. ... That letter also highlighted news reports that, during the 2016, Ukrainian government officials tried to help..

adios, think progress

CAP's affiliation with Bill and Hillary Clinton has also been sore spot for the tank and ThinkProgress. John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton's White House chief of staff, founded CAP in 2003. ..

today in history: july 26

PHILADELPHIA, PA JULY 28 Democratic Hillary Clinton acknowledges the crowd at the end on the day of Democratic National Convention at Wells Fargo Center, July 28, 2016 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ... By major political party at the On July 26, 2016, Hillary Clinton..

comey vs. the world

Loretta Lynch, Attorney General under Obama, has testified that Comey mischaracterized her statements to him when he repeatedly testified under oath that Lynch instructed him to call Hillary Clinton email probe a matter instead of an investigation.. ... Now that light has been shed on the..

hillary clinton

March 3, 2019 Last Aired March 8, 2019 Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Selma, Alabama. ... Clinton   Hillary. 750 views.. November 18, 2017 Last Aired November 26, 2017 President Clinton Marks Anniversary of Election 25th Anniversary of the..

worse than watergate

Despite Bernie Sanders appearing to win most of the primaries and having the enthusiasm of most liberals behind him, Hillary Clinton became Democratic because the fix was in before the votes were cast. While working for Democratic National Committee and campaign of Hillary..

» hillary clinton liberal values

While we are seeing reaction against Donald Trump, the in Democratic Party are likely to be more reaction to how the party leaders forced candidate as conservative as Hillary Clinton on the in 2016 and the excitement created by the campaign run by Bernie Sanders. ... This resulted in..

trump is mocking biden

 Meanwhile, Biden is to face rivals such as Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont, and Elizabeth Warren, and even Hillary Clinton. ... We can all remember that during the 2008 presidential elections and inside Democratic Party, Obama had far less chance of reaching the final round of..

rashida’s song

Trump once expressed desire to put Hillary Clinton in jail and never called Clintons motherfuckers, term Bill and Hillary often used for each other, according to Christopher Andersen American Evita Hillary Clinton's Path to Power.. ..

the jewish women who won elections last night

Once Democratic star, she served and resigned after hack found that she and others had favored 2016 Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, Vermont Independent. ... Lowey was contender to take Hillary Clinton's Senate seat Lowey did not want to give up role on..

hillary clinton says bill's sex assault allegations

Hillary Clinton got called out for Bill Clinton, were different from those high-profile Republicans face, as they were investigated.. ... Hillary Clinton has found in the past for standing by her top Burns Strider on the 2008 campaign, accused of harassing younger..

10 presidential conspiracy theories

Bill and Hillary Clinton have had lot of in United States government for years now, so of course, there are lot of conspiracies about them.. ... What is funny, is that Trump has claimed that Hillary Clinton tried to rig the in favor. ..

hillary clinton accepts nomination, steps into

Philadelphia — On night choreographed to mark Hillary Rodham Clinton accepted Democratic for Thursday, opening what promises to be campaign against one of the most unconventional candidates ever to run for president, Donald J. The session of Democratic National Convention was pageant of..

murphy endorses hillary clinton for president

But now he said he's supporter, calling the former first lady and former senator fighter and saying, Hillary Clinton has started this campaign the right way —  by listening to Americans all across this country about their concerns, hopes, and fears... ... He threw his support to..

clinton foundation donors got weapons deals from

The fee from Kuwait America Foundation to Bill Clinton was paid in the time frame as series of deals Hillary Clinton's State Department was approving between Kuwaiti and Boeing. Months before the gala, Department of Defense announced that Boeing would be the contractor on..

why hillary clinton was right on boko haram

Former Secretary of State and presumptive 2016 Democratic Hillary Clinton has been under fire from Republicans recent days for failing to designate Boko Haram, the group for the kidnapping of some 200 Nigerian school girls, as terrorists after the group attacked United Nations Abuja in..

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