a critical history of george h. w. bush’s war on

The U.S. media haven’t been shy about lionizing the late President George H. W. Bush in their reflections on his life and legacy. This behavior is hardly surprising; we saw the same worship of the late Republican Senator John McCain via the erasure of any discussion of U.S. war crimes and..

john grant

The way Trump administration has gotten tough with immigrant families and children from Central America and Mexico shares something with psychological studies of sadism and United States government's own research on torture tapped by George W. ..

alexander casella

The mourners paying their respects to the veteran politician, included former US presidents Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Barack Obama, and Amazon tycoon Jeff Bezos, Jay... ..


VICE explores the epic story about how Washington insider became the most powerful man in the world as Vice-President to George W. ..


Like Ronald Reagan George W also has considerable appeal to the conservative wing of Democratic Party — especially Social Conservatives. ..

houston pastor, a spiritual adviser to george w.

He was a spiritual adviser to President George W. Bush — he even delivered the benediction at Bush’s inauguration and presided over Jenna Bush Hager‘s wedding — and his access to power and the size of his church was one of the reasons my publishers wanted me to be a part of his..

the faith of george hw bush

His George W is much better known for his religious convictions, and Bush has strong faith as well. ... Suffer the Children., Religion in the Oval Office., Faith and the Presidency From George Washington to George W. ..

buchanan belongs in the debates

I suspect you were as disgusted as I was at Al Gore's failure to answer the questions asked and his condescending repetition of the same catch-phrases over and over again, and at George W. ..

religious right emerges from coma

Like patient who awakens from coma before his ultimate demise, Christian political right showed renewed strength in South Carolina Republican election by backing the winner, George W. ... They also excoriated Gary Bauer for his ``sellout -- for bolting from the pack and endorsing McCain..

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