state high court considers legislative powers

Legislature's attempt to eliminate ALJ position through the appropriations process violates the prohibition against special legislation... By the people to be check on the executive, Legislature is elected, and say that the people's tax money should not go to things Legislature..

simon urges mn legislature to invest in democracy

Passed in 2016 by the legislature, Presidential Primary Law for 2020 requires separate ballots for each political party, requires that all voters disclose to election officials the ballot that they choose, and makes that data public record... Minnesota's registration system has never required..

disarm campaign finance bomb

The details of the clause are complicated, and bear with us or on or after the day before election to fill in General Assembly, the legislature has week to fix the problem. ... Ultimately, this legislative hand grenade is litmus test for Democrats who control General..

the role of the un general assembly

Following Crimea's March 2014 referendum to leave Ukraine and join Russia, General Assembly adopted resolution declaring the invalid and Russia's of Crimea illegal. U.S of Iraq provoked calls from many organizations for General Assembly to take up the issue and override..

calling on the ny legislature to protect women

Given these daunting statistics, one would expect that the legislature would seek to ensure protections for victims of domestic violence, and one would be wrong.. ... Maybe this is October that someone in the legislature will do something to honor that proclamation.. ..

agenda: for the legislature

•Ending Citizens Election Program's subsidy of money to candidates in uncontested races for the legislature and statewide offices. ... The legislature should repeal the law that keeps confidential the names and addresses of people. ..

states enjoy steady rise in revenue

The legislature agreed to add $120 million to the pension fund in the first of annual payments to increase the payout to 54 percent for teachers hired after 1998. This year, the legislature delivered in part according to March estimate by the office. ..

judge blocks florida's law on abortion notice

Charlie Bronson, Satellite Beach Republican who sponsored the ``I feel Legislature did what it thought was best for parents, Bronson said. ... While acknowledging Legislature's intent to give parents more in decision to have abortion, that could be unhealthy for many children.. ..

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