supreme court affirms ‘peace cross’

American Humanist Association ruled that a 40-foot “Peace Cross” memorial in Bladensburg, Maryland, did not violate the Establishment Clause and could remain in place, signaling the justices’ growing unease with legal precedent on similar First Amendment disputes. . “The cross is..

winnable war: supremes uphold cross

It does not prohibit Congress from favoring one religion over others, it specifically prohibits Congress from passing law that picks one Christian denomination and makes it the church of United States. They still are, since First Amendment has never been amended and means the..

christianity is under siege in america

small group of atheistic and activist organizations such as ACLU, and the activism of the courts, have succeeded in banning prayer from schools and Christian symbols from public buildings. First Amendment clauses of no establishment of religion and the free exercise thereof have..

one nation and one people?

Consider the treasured rights of our First Amendment — freedom of speech, religion and the press. . Saudi Arabia does not permit Christian preachers. In Afghanistan and Pakistan, converts to Christianity face savage reprisals. ..

it’s open war on christianity

Not only is this not scandalous, but it’s also the exercise of a fundamental First Amendment right. If Lois Romano or Kate Bennett or any other Karen Pence critic wants to argue against Christian theology, then have at it. ..


Still, Phelps argued during the trial that their often incendiary protests should be allowed under First Amendment. Made up almost entirely of relatives of its founder, Fred Phelps Sr., Christian group, based Topeka, has protested military funerals across the country with..

christian politicians: trading the first

In contrast, political race Alabama has 'True Republican Political Action Committee attacking Bradley Byrne for his previous support of teaching of in public schools reportedly having the gall to suggest that Christian bible may not be true. In microcosmic example of how conservative politicians..

look at the record of freedom of religion

First, the Ten Commandments were given by God to the Hebrews, not Protestants, although most Christian sects use the Commandments. . Second, the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights guarantees freedom to exercise your religion. ..


It's just not fair to those outside the Christian faith.'' . ``The decision distorts the First Amendment by exhibiting hostility toward student speech,'' Sekulow said. ..

keep church and state separated

Now Ralph Reed, who until recently was the head of the Christian Coalition, and several members of Congress want to rewrite the First Amendment to embrace prayer in schools, the display of the Ten Commandments in courtrooms and prayers at the opening of court sessions. . ..

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