anti-labor group urges federal government to stop

In its comments, the organization argued that Janus also applies to unions in the federal government, and that agreements to deduct dues from employees’ paychecks must include an explicit disclaimer that they are “waiving their First Amendment rights” in the process. . ..

ruga divides the country into north vs south

Senior Special Assistant on National Assembly Matters to President Muhammadu Buhari, governors to comprehend the policy saying Federal Government has always made allocations for the funding of grazing areas. ... And to prepare the people's mind for its implementation, Director-General,..

province 2 sues federal government

Province 2 government challenged the federal government’s June 6 decision that authorised the merger of SFDP with Timber Corporation of Nepal, which was later put in the Forest Corporation, a federal government entity. . ... Giri said the federal..

federal government to resume capital punishment

Federal Government to Resume Capital Punishment After Nearly Two Decade Lapse . ... Barr has directed the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to adopt a proposed Addendum to the Federal Execution Protocol—clearing the way for the federal government to resume capital..

kamala harris wants to make states get federal

In essence, Harris would force a federal government agency to defend abortion on demand – even if future presidential administrations disagree. . ... It would shift the burden to the states to prove to the federal government that any new policy doesn’t go against [Roe..

the federal government dismisses science

The federal government dismisses science . We've been told that the relationship between the scientific community, academics, and María Elena Álvarez-Buylla, the head of the National Science and Technology Council, is now more tense. As EL UNIVERSAL informed, the federal..

wilson-raybould says federal government has

“I fear we may have temporarily fallen back into a less audacious, less meaningful conversation...the federal government has fallen back once again into a pattern of trying to ‘manage the problem’ with Indigenous peoples and make incremental, intermittent shifts rather than reforming..

shutdown showed america's dependence on the federal

Shutdown showed America's dependence on the federal government . . By Damian Paletta . | Washington Post | . ... Tax-cut crusader Grover Norquist once called for shrinking the federal government down to a size that would make it possible to drown it in a 'bathtub.' . . . ..

trump agrees to reopen the federal government

On Friday, President Trump announced his intentions to back off of his demand for border wall funding, allowing the federal government to reopen for three weeks through February 15. ... Under the current terms of the proposal, the federal government would re-open, bringing..

aclu sues federal government for social media

NEW YORK January 17, 2019 – The American Civil Liberties Union and ACLU of Northern California today sued the federal government for information on its social media surveillance activities, including practices to monitor immigrants and visa applicants under President Trump’s “extreme..

new bill lets federal government lord over

The federal home ministry has registered a new bill to govern the process of operation, supervision and coordination of Nepal Police and provincial police, proposing that the federal government will deploy provincial police chiefs in all the provinces. ... The bill states that at the outset..

your illinois news radar » partial federal

President Donald Trump’s warning that the partial federal government shutdown could last “for months or even years” has states, cities and businesses increasingly nervous. . ... In Michigan, for example, $22 billion of the $57 billion state budget comes from the federal..

federal government

Federal Government . RSS Feed for this category . . Chronicle AM: Federal Marijuana Bill Filed, Ciudad Juarez Drug War Killings Surge, More... (1/4/19) . by psmith, January 04, 2019, 05:05pm . ... 'I'm just not willing to look at that, especially since it is illegal right now according to..

buhari’s govt begins state police ! – younewsng

At last the first step towards argued about State Policing has been taken and Federal Government and State Governors have resolved to explore how the operations of Nigeria Police can be decentralised order to improve the level of policing and in the country.. ... He said, to collaborate..

fg has failed our zone – se govs

But Federal Government was quick to rebut this Alhaji Lai Mohammed, and his Power, works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, from governors. ... The roads have remained impassable and so Federal Government should please do better in 2018 and we hope that Federal..

the unique american federal government

By the charter that defines the federal government, The scheme implies the power of the judiciary to effectively invalidate actions of the executive or legislature that the courts believe to be violation of the constitution, because of each of the obligation to abide's powers and limits. ..

don't give up rights to federal government

Don't Give Up Rights To Federal Government . . September 4, 1999 . The Founding Fathers made sure to place safeguards in our Constitution to protect the people from the tyranny of an out-of-control federal government. ... We see today the result of the incremental loss of..

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