america/el salvador - prison emergency: the new

AMERICA EL SALVADOR - Prison emergency President's fight against violence, with the support of Church. San Salvador - The average daily number of murders El Salvador between June and July 6 was 7.6, thus much lower than the daily average of 12.7 murders that..

the central america us border blues

The I met El Salvador felt loyalty to Jesus of Liberation Theology this is Jesus. In El Salvador, it was the 14 families, which refers to the oligarchy that controlled El Salvador during the 19th and 20th centuries it also may have something to do with..

world politics review

Melissa Vida is journalist who divides time between Brussels and El Salvador. ... Why Tackling Corruption Could Also Reduce Violence El Salvador. Melissa Vida Wednesday, June 19, 2019... ..

el salvador new president pledges to cure the

Bukele must now contend with US President Donald Trump's frequent threats to cut aid to El Salvador - and neighboring Guatemala and Honduras - if they do not do more to curb migration to United States.. Trump congratulated Bukele on Saturday on Twitter, saying United States was ready to..

new president pledges to cure 'sick child' el

SAN SALVADOR - El Salvador's new president, Nayib Bukele, took office on Saturday pledging to cure Central American country that he described as a sick child following years of violence and migration that has strained relations with United States... ... El..

america/el salvador - the archbishop of san

AMERICA EL SALVADOR - Archbishop of San Salvador. San Salvador - The Catholic Church of El Salvador rejects National Reconciliation Law discussed during Legislative Assembly, denouncing that it would leave the culprits of crimes against humanity..

guatemala and el salvador discuss amnesty for war

Guatemala and El Salvador discuss amnesty for war criminals. The Salvadoran and Guatemalan legislatures are discussing amnesty bills regarding war crimes and human rights abuses during the counterinsurgency wars waged by US-backed dictatorships between 1960 and the 1990s.. ..

nayib bukele is elected president of el salvador,

youthful former mayor of the capital easily won El Salvador's presidency, getting more votes than his three rivals combined to usher out the two parties that dominated politics for in Central America nation.. ... FMLN and Nationalist Republican Alliance, known as ARENA, had dominated..

central america: a challenge for amlo

López Obrador will have precedent, Nicaragua, and El Salvador, amidst struggle between consumerism and anti-consumerism sparked by United States.. ... Notwithstanding, several plans with fancy names and last names have been applied Sanford, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Puebla-Panamá, and Alliance..

el salvador perspectives

Colonel Mario Reyes Mena is alleged to have given the in 1982 to kill four Dutch journalists covering El Salvador.  ... Citizens of El Salvador who live outside of the country are eligible to vote in the upcoming 2019 presidential elections.   ..

the latin american gun leak

During the 1980s, El Salvador was the recipient of U.S military hardware and in Western Hemisphere. In September, U.S from Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives estimated that half the weapons on El Salvador's vibrant black market were made in United..


The Prisoners of Conscience Committee from United States returned from fact-finding mission El Salvador. ... One of my favorite groups that we met was Radio Zurda, heard El Salvador and Honduras, targeted towards youth audience... ..

central american envoys hit snag in peace process

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador -- Central American foreign ministers appeared on Thursday to have failed to make significant progress toward carrying out new peace plan because of opposition from Honduras, according to diplomats involved in the talks.. ... In what seemed to be shift..

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