pork producers talk trade and animal disease

Customs and Border Protection agriculture inspectors to further strengthen defenses against African swine fever and other animal diseases and 2 ) to sign letter of support that calls for USDA to implement Farm Bill as intended, including development of Foot-and-Mouth Disease vaccine bank....


the department of Customs and Border Protection did not begin tracing separated families as data set before April last year, according to the filing. ..

trump's immigration speech: fact check

Available Customs and Border Protection data shows total of 396,579 people were apprehended by the US Border Patrol for year 2018 at the border, 087 each day -- hardly the thousands that Trump purports. ... The majority of hard narcotics seized by Customs and Border..

us national guard on arizona/mexico border

President has authorized the deployment of additional 1,200 National Guard troops to the border to provide surveillance and reconnaissance, and immediate support to counternarcotics enforcement while Customs and Border Protection recruits and trains additional officers and agents..


United States ...

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