tesla 2019 proxy vote guide

A vote FOR this proposal is warranted given that the reduction in the supermajority vote requirement would enhance shareholder rights and is this management proposal is the direct result of my proposal on the same topic (#8). . 5. ... A vote FOR this proposal is warranted...

iraq: key courts improve isis trial procedures

However, Human Rights Watch researchers observed that in October 2018, in Baghdad’s second criminal court, Risafa, judges continue to process cases solely based on a defendant’s confession, with the defendant frequently alleging torture to extract the statement. ..

peter o’brien on the paris agreement

And, the otherwise, Chris Kenny also consistently conflates 26% reduction in the sector with our Paris commitment, even stating in his Kenny On Sunday program that, 'the Paris Agreement is neither here nor there. ... Nor what benefit in terms of temperature reduction it will..

omar encarnacion

Perry case that sought to settle the constitutionality of California's Proposition, the referendum that overturned California's legalization of same-sex marriage, Boies and Olsen took their case against the proposition all the way to Supreme Court. The book provides in-depth coverage of the rise..

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