drift: the unmooring of american military power

With the same kind of substance, wit and charge that make TV show Emmy, Maddow details how dubious wars, the exploding privatization of the military and superfunded, superpowered security leviathan have drained our resources. ... In Drift, Rachel Maddow brings passion, wit, cool common sense and..

serving in the military

Loyalty to United States always includes loyalty to its military, the defenders of American freedom.. ... Military branches Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy... Both Senate and House of Representatives adopted resolutions calling for Americans to recognize and U.S. ..

military court centres court listings

Military Court Centre listings 8 to 12 April 2019... Military Court Centre listings 13 to 24 May 2019... In line with Transparency and Open Data, Military Court Service is to publish the court listings for the military court centres.. ..

is russia really cutting its military spending?

It's also clear that conversion of expenditures from rubles to US dollars using the current exchange rate produces serious errors because the in Russian complex is obscure Armed Forces obtain new weapons for price substantially different from what foreign customers pay. ... Putin often..

military and public service policy

National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service .. The National Commission on Military, National and Public Service holds event on military and public service... ..

military vet moulton joins 2020 presidential race

Marine helped lead effort to get other Democratic military veterans to run for Congress cause he continues to push.. 16 years today, leaders Washington sent me and my friends to fight in war based on lies. ... Moulton has also been frequent of President Donald Trump from policy, including..

khalifa haftar’s military advance

Khalifa Haftar’s military advance . . April 21, 2019 . . Khalifa Haftar’s military advance-started in Jufra on April 4 last –  passed from the South, namely Fezzan, and partly from  Central Libya, starting from the Westernmost point of the area of influence already gained by Haftar..

sudanese opposition rejects military takeover

Khartoum United Nations Washington - plan by Sudan's military to take over the government is getting cold reception from protesters and the community,  Read more ».. ... Following months of protests, and prolonged sit-in outside the military headquarters Khartoum, Sudanese Omar..

judge rescinds block against transgender military ban

federal judge Maryland cleared Thursday for Pentagon to put in place Trump policy banning most transgender individuals from serving in the military, left one temporary block in place against the ban... ... Trump tweeted July 2017 that he would reinstate ban on transgender individuals in the..

a peek inside military intelligence ops. -

I am not sure how to describe them but they consists of senior military Intelligence specialists who continue to follow events in the Middle East. ... Starting in 1993, the US cut back excessively its military defenses. The US also failed to help Russia secure the Duma’s ratification of..

the kremlin's military posture reconsidered

After all, absolute military superiority over Russia and other potential rivals for global influence has been the objective of US military policy for the last twenty-five years or more, at vast budgetary expense. ... After setting out these facts, Dmitry Kiselyov turned over the reporting..

venezuelan military support for maduro

According to NYT, Trump officials held secret meetings with  military elements in the country last year, discussing regime change plans, American officials and Venezuelan military commander. By obscure interests or self, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino said the country's..

racism in canada’s military

Racism in Canada’s Military . by Yves Engler / January 22nd, 2019 . Anti-blackness is a significant problem in the Canadian Forces. ... After two years of campaigning to be allowed to join, the military authorized a black construction battalion in July 1916. ..

shut down the war machine!

It's US military spending, and the US role selling and giving away more than 34% of all weapons and military in the global arms market to total of 98 countries, that drives global military spending. They all, along ever-increasing spending by the US on its own military,..

the ghost of brazil's military dictatorship

Today Brazil swears in Jair Bolsonaro, congressman and former military officer. ... Like similar regimes in neighboring states, Brazil's military dictatorship stifled freedom of speech suppressed opposition, killing or disappearing some 475 critics, including members of the armed..

us decline: a military calculus

Russia's president will divert spending to Russian arms industry the western arms system uses this as in sustaining the argument for ever more military outlay. . ... The intent is to limit US in the region and not to seek global military parity, at least in the next decade or so.  ..

europe's push toward a unified military

European superstate with armed forces and policy at its command would be both competitor of U.S possibly the dominant outside in the equidistant zone of southern South America... ... July 13, 2016 Germany publishes 10-year review of its military, announcing that the nation is..

china and india conduct military drills

While that's reasonable investment to keep nations like Iran, Turkey and Russia from dominating Middle East, the fact remains that sooner or later, U.S will have to start reducing its military spending and pulling troops back home. ..


The Cypriot Ministry of Defense has announced that joint military exercises with Israel will take place within Nicosia FIR from... ... In statement issued on Wednesday, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, four-star the Turkish Armed Forces, said that Ankara will not... ..

military archives

Military . . . Washington, D.C.-(ENEWSPF)- The Department of Defense announced December 14 the death of a soldier who was supporting Operation Freedom’s Sentinel. ..

why trump can’t control the american military

Why Trump Ca not Control American Military. These were the words spoken to me as journalist by man who had served Military Intelligence after years of Russian language training at Monterey Institute for International Studies.. ... It has been useful for providing translators and..

military trials new plan

WASHINGTON -- Yielding to opposition, Attorney General Eric Holder announced Monday that 9 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four alleged henchmen will be referred to military commissions for trial rather than to civilian federal court New York.. ... During military hearing at..

the u.s. war machine unleashed in iraq

Yet Bush and U.S betrayed them, standing aside while Iraqi military carried out mass slaughters. ... Bush would, in turn, make Iraqi people pay enormous price for their opposition to U.S imperialism--proving that the only weapon of mass destruction in the country was U.S military... ..

watch mosul liberation military parade

Iraq has celebrated the liberation of Mosul with military parade attended by Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al- Abadi.. ... On Monday, Abadi declared victory of the country's forces over Daesh Takfiri terrorist group one day after the country's military and Popular Mobilization Forces..

russia vows military response to nato

The Russian military will watch with much attention what means might be necessary to neutralize the risks arising from NATO's growing activity, Grushko added.. ... NATO symbol and flags of Western military alliance's members are seen outside the bloc's headquarters Brussels, Belgium..

'military landscape has changed in syria'

Russian Sukhoi Su-30SM jet lands at Russian Hmeimin military base Latakia Province, in northwestern Syria, December 16, 2015 Embed.. ... Jatras says Russia's support for Syrian government has changed both the political and military landscapes Syria, stressing that it has forced kind of..

retired general to oversee military tribunals

The yesterday were the major procedural steps planned before one or more suspects is charged and brought to in what would be United States first use of military tribunals since World War II... ... He has served as staff judge advocate at several levels in Air Force and was senior judge on Air..

officials reject military courts

But lawyers from the Defense and Justice departments told members of House Armed Services Committee that such plan was unworkable, urging lawmakers to retain the system put in place by President Bush four years ago, despite Supreme Court's finding that it violated U.S and Geneva..

obama:non-citizens fight for us military

Obama Non-Citizens Fight For US Military. Did you know that more 8,000 non-citizens in US Army every year. ... President Obama talked about granting citizenship to non-US military personnel while visiting El Paso Texas and talking about immigration. ..

military tutelage must end

The end of military Turkey, for instance, by Koray Caliskan, well-known at Boğaziçi University, once arrested and detained for his work, through combination of pull and push factors.. ... Under Mugabe, military handling moved from civilian control at the height of his power to..

coyote blog » military and war

Category History, Military and War     Comments Off on D-Day In Retrospect, More About Keeping Soviets Out of Western Europe than About Defeating Nazis... ...  Given that these are two activities whose Venn diagrams of skills and mindsets have so little overlap, the military does..

the revival of the russian military

Russian military rotted away. In one of the most dramatic campaigns of peacetime world history, from 1988 to 1994, Moscow's armed forces shrank from million to one personnel. ... Kremlin's top priority for military development remained its deterrent, which it..

luncheon honors military caregivers in gainesville

The Florida State University College of Social Work hosted Military Caregiver Appreciation Luncheon Feb 26 Gainesville, Fla., them about the services through Operation Family Caregiver program.. Gainesville luncheon, was the in Military Caregiver Appreciation Luncheon Series that the..

britain's changing military policy

Her location, military posture, stability and influence on other European nations make her our most valuable and dependable ally. ... It utilized economic, political and power, not to gain territory Europe except to prevent accumulation of hostile naval and military power there.. ..

dispatches: military abuses in southern philippines

Politicians obsess over who should take responsibility for the police deaths while ignoring the toll that the ongoing military operation is having on the local people.. ... Philippine President Benigno Aquino needs to make clear to the armed forces that the liberty, safety, and..

military prisoner abuse scandal

Military Prisoner Abuse Scandal . . Study on limits of official torture casts doubt on how isolated Abu Ghraib is . . ... This is the military, after all, and there's a chain of command and it goes where? ..

for military, even religion a challenge

The most in the military are Muslims, 000 in the ranks. major challenge for the top brass is providing for those who claim no preference on entering the military -- 27 percent for Army, 16 percent of Navy and 15 percent for Navy. ... Russell Gunter, Navy chaplain who is director of..

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