omar h. rahman

There are number of reasons for this stemming from the collapse of the peace process, the violence of Second Intifada, and Labor Party's decision over many years to empower and accede to the settlement movement.. ..

bernie sanders’s anti-semitic surrogate

The article is ostensibly about Deborah Ramirez, a woman who had claimed in The New Yorker last year that she’d been severely inebriated at a party at Yale her freshman year when something — she was unclear on precisely what — had happened. ..

empires are a secret until they start falling

In particular, there is rise in reactionary fascism or desire to go back to the good old days, the cost of maintaining the empire is taking increasing economic toll and other countries starting to rebuke the US, both its requests for military assistance and its unfair economic demands.. ..

the ignorance factor

Bush demanded the Taliban arrest bin Laden and hand him over for prosecution under threat of U.S. and NATO invasion, which is exactly what happened after the Taliban refused to take action against al Qaeda. . ..

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