annals of liberal hypocrisy

First, Bernie Sanders has agreed to pay his campaign staff a $15 minimum wage, but will do so by reducing the hours of many campaign workers—which is what has happened in several cities, such as Seattle, that have raised their minimum wage. ..

trump made 61 false claims last week

Facts First: That is not exactly what happened. Trump did make a joke at a 2018 campaign rally in Arizona about Democrats wanting to give undocumented immigrants a free Rolls-Royce -- but then, at a rally the next day in Nevada, he made a non-joking claim that Democrats want to 'give them..

when warriors become saints

On clothesline outside the windows of the house across the street where woman peeks out, the pants and underwear sway to different tune, Fado moan that seems to ask What has happened   Has it always been like this.. ..

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