our european self-deception

In Poland, among other countries, this turn eventually prompted a special inquiry into what happened to the Jews who escaped the ghettos and the extermination camps in between 1943 and 1944. ... However, looking back at what happened on the small islands under German..

what happened to wisconsin?

In 1938, Philip La Follette, Robert's son, was ousted as in 1944, voted for Republican, Thomas Dewey, over Franklin Roosevelt and in 1946, Robert Jr., La Follette's other son, lost his seat in US Senate to Joseph McCarthy. ..

globalism: a world in chains

Which is what happened with the spread of mass in the century, when the idea of putting constraints and limits on what the rulers could do has turned into putting constraints and limits on what governments accountable to the people could do. ..

pity the nation: war spending is bankrupting america

America has ingenuity, vast natural resources, rich heritage, diverse populace, foundation unrivaled anywhere in the world, and opportunities galore and yet our birthright is being sold out from under us so that power-hungry politicians, greedy military contractors, and war hawks can make hefty profit at our..

department press briefing

QUESTION: I want to know what your definition of hypothetical is, because it’s not -- . ... You’re saying if this were to happen. . QUESTION: No, it’s not. In fact -- . ..

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