angela merkel’s jewish legacy

What makes Merkel’s engagement with Israel and Judaism so “spectacular is that she is actually coming from [East] Germany … which was very hostile to Israel and never really took interest in Jews and what happened to them during the Holocaust,” Beck said. . ..

all politics is national

By this, he meant that, especially in elections for the House of Representatives, what happened at the local level and how a Congressman interacted with his constituents at the District level were usually more important in Congressional elections than national issues. ..

your illinois news radar » what happened

What happened nationally? Wednesday, Nov 7, 2018 . . * The Illinois House Democrats picked up a super majority yesterday. ... What happened nationally, at most levels, is generally what was expected by those who take a practical approach. ..

unjust sex vs rape

In recounting these experiences (taken from interviews conducted with self-identified heterosexual women), Gavey’s point is not to claim that perhaps the women were deluding themselves about what had really happened; that is, she is not arguing that the women who were telling these stories..

dems take house, beto's bright future

I feared that voter suppression would defeat Stacey Abrams in Georgia and that’s what happened. America always talked about fighting wars to preserve democracy but what occurred in Georgia—where the person running the election was a candidate—was not democracy. ..


Robert Malley, président de l'International Crisis Group et ancien conseiller de Barack Obama, considère, dans une tribune au « Monde », que le succès des démocrates aux élections de mi-mandat risque de la diplomatie de Trump à être encore moins dans la retenue... ..

state v. grandison

By processing what actually happened order to become healed of the overwhelming emotions of the abuse, In doing so, Penton's goal was to help D.C become desensitized to the details of the abuse. ..

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