world leaders should reject saudi whitewash

In response to Saudi government's statement, Turkish Ömer Çelik emphasized that Turkey's own investigation would reveal what had happened to Khashoggi and that Turkey had a debt of honor for the investigation to uncover the full circumstances. . ..

mlk: what we lost

In The Heavens Might Crack, Jason Sokol explores the differing reactions to what happened in Memphis on April 4, 1968: “News of King’s murder stopped people in their tracks and rendered them speechless, moved many to tears and others to celebration, drove some to violence and still..

what happened in vegas

What happened in Vegas . The Las Vegas Review-Journal was impressed by the crowd President Obama drew to Cox Pavilion at UNLV as he stumped for Democratic senatorial candidate Jacky Rosen yesterday, putting it at 2,000. ..

early childhood education archives

the state does license programs to ensure the facilities and homes are safe for children and staff are equipped to handle emergencies, database provides the date that inspection took place, not any violations found or abuse allegations substantiated. ..

technoccult articles in august, 2002

Times where, you know, you're just kind of reading this story about what happened, and then all of sudden there's one sentence that says witnesses said the security guard shot the man once at close range after the attacker had been disarmed and was being held on the floor.. ..

the earthquake in international alliances

Furthermore, On October 16th, Gabriel Sherman at Vanity Fair bannered “How Jamal Khashoggi Fell Out with Bin Salman“, and he wrote that Khashoggi had told him, back in March, that the reason he had turned against Prince Salman, and why the Washington Post had hired him, was what had..


Stoddard County Sheriff Carl Hefner said the body of Joshua Monroe was located near his home and investigation is underway to determine what happened. . ..

joseph v. deluna

The parties' accounts of what happened next differ, but they agree that the exchange culminated in Sergeant Deluna giving Joseph until 'the count of three to walk away.' ..

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