anti-semitism as a reactionary political tool

By dishonestly conflating legitimate grassroots protest against oppressive, Here, Carr is following Zionist propaganda talking points Israeli policies, war crimes and crimes against humanity with anti-Semitism.. Notably, Carr has received support in the form of $100,000 from Zionist and..

cija: zionist lobbying and hate crimes

CIJA: Zionist Lobbying and Hate Crimes . by Yves Engler / April 11th, 2019 . ... In a BuzzFeed article titled “Zionist Groups in Canada Are Jumping On The ‘Creeping Sharia’ Bandwagon” Steven Zhou detailed CIJA, B’nai Brith and other pro-Israel groups backlash to M-103 and “how..

"israel is the nation-state of the jewish people" -

Here is what happened Miri Regev, Likud and Minister of Culture and Sport, noted that Benny Gantz, were to form government, he would have to include anti- Zionist Arab parties in his coalition. ... The reactions of J Street, et al., illustrate that they are critical of Israel's actions, and that..

anti-semitism vs. anti-zionism in france – consortiumnews

We are at new stage of the fight to realize Palestinian rights and free both Palestinians and Jews from the consequences of Zionist racism. ... They have abandoned popular debate and now use their influence with West's ruling elites to criminalize any rhetoric that points out the discriminatory..

zionism contradicts judaism – heresy central

Neturei Karta deplore the systematic uprooting of Jewish communities by Zionists, the shedding of Jewish and non- Jewish blood for the sake of Zionist and Neturei Karta favor transition from Zionist rule to non- Zionist entity.. Neturei Karta regret that Zionist state..

palestine’s left before israel

Budeiri chronicles the heroic attempt by Jewish and Arab communists to build party that opposed British Mandate, and Zionist colonizing project that was endorsed in Mandate.. Various splinter groups from Poalei Zion, international grouping of left-wing Zionist organizations, were..

jvp just declared itself anti-zionist and it's already

We reject the contention that Jewish or in Jewish community demands support for Israel or Zionism, J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami wrote, while reaffirming that his organization is Zionist proudly pro- Israel.. ... The other side likes to conflate anti- Zionism with anti-Semitism by conflating..

palestine: the history of a people

This remains the case even as the text reaches the century and the actions of Zionist movement to settle the land known as Palestine and remake it into Israel. Masalha portrays the role played by Zionist movement not so much as movement except as part of European of Palestine. ..

a one state solution strategy

Ironic that the agenda that Zionist Democrats pushed for years is coming back to bite Israel in the butt.. Easily, Millenials with sympathy for Palestinian cause and rising suspicion of Zionist mission.. ..

unz goes nuclear, by israel shamir

Unless they are neutralized, Israel lobbying groups, Israel advocates, Zionists, Neoconservatives, and Friedmanites will America abolish Constitution in except name to create society of servitude for all Americans except for those belonging to the hyper-wealthy Zionist political elite.. The State..

israel wins 2018 election, by philip giraldi

In 1913 with the passage of Zionists owned FED and IRS Zionists had complete control of U.S and American people as Zionist banking kabal could create money out of thin air and tax American people on their use of this Zionist ether created money.. With this came the wars starting with WWI..


They also know that then the next stop for victory is Palestine and this will lead to another certainty the destruction and end of Zionist entity occupying Palestine.. For this reason amongst others the US and UK, who are the parents of Zionist entities both the one occupying Palestine..

d.c. professor on pittsburgh synagogue attack

Political Science Professor Abeer Kayed Pittsburgh Synagogue Attack Not Hate Crime Trump Responsible Media, Zionist Lobby Distort It It Is As If Jews Get Credit for the Existence of U.S.. ... Professor Kayed said that this had to do with the power of Zionist lobby here and with the..

world socialist web site

By the youth marching into gunfire poses existential threat to the entire, Rather, the elementary right demanded Zionist project of carving out Jewish state based upon racial and exclusivity through the dispossession of Palestinian people.. ... There is no road out of the impasse, either in the..

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