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We will take this directly to the people of Wisconsin, Tuesday during interview with Mike Gousha at Marquette University Law School.. ... The new report from Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty and Center for Research on Wisconsin Economy, housed at the University of..

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Title VI provides resources for universities across the country, including the University of Wisconsin-Madison, to develop quality and innovative international programs of strategic interest related to Middle East, East and Central Asia, Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa and other world areas. ... ..

the moron in chief vs. national security

major jobs President Trump has touted with former Wisconsin Scott Walker now looks Foxconn, supplier for Apple and other technology firms, says it's scrapping plans to build giant new Wisconsin, opting to hire American engineers and researchers instead of fleet of blue-collar workers... ..

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As shown Figure 1, control of Wisconsin's state government shfted hands several times in the 1990s and into the 2000s, then settled into pattern of one-party dominance. ... In his book The Art of Legislative Politics, former Assembly Speaker Tom Loftus contends that in Wisconsin, the..

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Wisconsin Constitution allows for Legislature to meet at such time which is session called by the governor. The groups that filed Dane County Circuit Court are League of Women Voters, Disability Rights Wisconsin, Black Leaders Organizing for Communities and three Wisconsin..


Walker plans to stay Wisconsin, give speeches on conservative causes. ... Wisconsin Right to Life A for Wisconsin. ..

2018 elections rewrote the main rule of us politics

Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin. ... In states from Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Wisconsin to Florida and Nevada, Democrats carried about three-fifths of these voters ... ..


NextGen Wisconsin Statement on Scott Walker's BadgerCare restrictions. Ola Lisowski The truth about education spending Wisconsin. Republican Party of Wisconsin Leah Vukmir will bring Wisconsin way.. ..


Evers Tony for Wisconsin launches new 'Cabinet. NextGen Wisconsin Statement on Scott Walker's BadgerCare restrictions. Republican Party of Wisconsin Leah Vukmir will bring Wisconsin way.. ..

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Vos, then co-chairman of the committee, and Grothman, now U.S representative, would bring jobs to Wisconsin, to qualify for the credit.. ... Molly Collins, director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin, said more than 50 groups mobilized to lobby against the in Senate,..

years later, wisconsin voters remember act 10

Protesters flooded the capitol, unions vowed revenge, and more than six years ago, Walker won the election that cemented his place Wisconsin history and assured Act 10 was here to stay.. ... Elementary Jeff David of Mineral Point did not teach Wisconsin until after Act 10, except he..

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Hillary was the choice of Wisconsin Democratic party voters and her response was to ignore Wisconsin Democratic voters, rather than attempt to mend relationship. Her majesty did not visit Wisconsin once between the primary and the general, and then she lost again, this time to..

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On the other side, Wisconsin Republican Party ranks among Daley's top donors, list that also includes GOP Richard Uihlein and Green Bay Packers emeritus Paul J. ... During the election, the pro-business council spent $5 million on TV ads supporting conservative candidates for Wisconsin..

high court blocks abortion curbs

Doctors who violate Illinois law face three years prison while Wisconsin law carries penalty of up to in prison.. ... In upholding Wisconsin and Illinois laws, Circuit majority conceded that these, too, were vague as written. ..


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