the latest: friends say detained swede unfairly accused

Australian consular officials plan to visit WikiLeaks in London jail on Friday day after he was arrested at Ecuadorian Embassy where he'd been holed up nearly seven years. ... British police on Thursday hauled bearded and shouting Assange from Ecuadorian Embassy and U.S charged WikiLeaks..

julian assange of wikileaks arrested in london

Christophe Deloire, the head of Reporters Without Borders, tweeted, Targeting Assange because of Wikileaks of information to journalists that was in the public interest would be punitive measure and would set precedent for journalists or their sources that the US may wish to pursue future, unquote.. ..

two key answers from trump to mueller

On WikiLeaks, Mueller's team has been investigating whether Stone, Republican political operative and Trump ally, knew in advance about WikiLeaks dumps of hacked emails from Democratic National Committee and Clinton's John Podesta at key times during the 2016 campaign.. Stone's denial..

marjorie cohn

 WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange was ejected and arrested by British police on April 11. ... In 2010,  WikiLeaks published classified documentation of U.S crimes Iraq and Afghanistan. ..

julian assange: a legal history

President Trump during his campaign expressed glee over WikiLeaks release of confidential emails from Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign, even after American officials said the emails had been given to WikiLeaks by hackers working for Russian intelligence... ..

wikileaks: exposing american apathy

Here are only few examples of the evidence contained in WikiLeaks releases detailing criminality, malfeasance, and corruption.. ... WikiLeaks make the governments and corporations accountable, it makes the citizens of the world accountable as well.. ..

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