why president trump desperately needs a white house

The lack of liaison with regular contact with Jewish community was on display when President Trump organized White House briefing to discuss issues impacting the community on the eve of Passover. ... But the fact that White House still does not have Jewish liaison is..

america is no longer a nation

On April 10 the Center for Jewish Civilization at Georgetown University is hosting session at National Press Club to work up opposition to white gentiles. In other words, the Center for Jewish Civilization is doing to white gentiles what the center claims white..

what anti-semitism is—and what it is not

Certain responses to anti-Semitism of Trump campaign, the alt-right, and even Tree of Life shooting seem to indicate that these episodes resolve the crisis of modern white American Jewish identity — by confirming that anti-Semitism is indeed cyclical and permanent. ..

trump says democrats ‘hate’ jews

White House press Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Monday refused to say whether President Trump believes that Democrats hate Jews.. Jewish people, the president's comments at private event.. Ilhan Omar, Muslim from Minnesota who suggested Israel's supporters were pushing lawmakers to take..

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