let people judge history : the dong-a ilbo

What is important is, however, his socioeconomic dialectic followed paraconsistent logic and thus was not different from the black-and-white logic that we are concerned about.. Korean Yi Kwang-su collaborated with Japan during the period. I heard that some of my seniors were in the..

presstv-us firms warn trade war will soon hit consumers

'United States defense and military superiority depend on the competitiveness of our automobile industry and the research and development that industry generates,' the White House declared in a statement. . Trump, however, held off on imposing automobile tariffs for 180 days amid ongoing talks with..


TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Ambassador to the UN Agencies Headquartered in Vienna Kazzem Qaribabadi lashed out at the measures taken by Washington, underlining that the White House moves are in violation of all international norms and human rights. . . . . US Approves Missile Sales to South Korea,..

america engaged

Americans continue to favor contributing to allies security through bases and security commitments, and their willingness to do so has increased... 64%. support sending US troops to defend South Korea and Japan if attacked by North Korea... 54%. support defending Baltic NATO allies with US troops..

race and service in the pacific during world war ii

 White Supremacy and Japanese Attack on British Empire  and Horne's Facing the Rising Sun African Americans, Japan, and Rise of Afro-Asian Solidarity , Chris Dixon's  African Americans in Pacific War, 1941-1945,  is study of the time experiences of African Americans in Pacific..

a love that endures

The Japanese Self-Defense Force has justified its continued presence in Djibouti by the fact that piracy still occurs, but many analysts believe the real reason for Japan’s decision is bigger: It’s about counteracting China. Japan’s recent defense white paper supports this..

trump regime's anti-iran agenda likely to fail

The outcome White House hardliners sought isn’t likely to go according to plan. . According to the Japan Times, “(i)n spite of August claims from Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, that oil-buying waivers would be ‘few and far between,’ at least eight modern, developed..

trump: the resurgent cold war president

Fighting between Communist Chinese and Nationalist Chinese military forces for control of both islands subsided in the 1950s, however, Trump administration saber-rattling has, once, again, led to the islands again becoming hot spots in Cross-Straits rivalry egged on by White House. For the..

japan’s march toward militarism

. … A victorious Japan will place all the white races of the world under the rule of the son of heaven. … If we succeed in conquering China, the rest of the Asiatic countries and the South Sea countries will fear us and surrender to us.” . ..

delauro defies obama on state of the union issue

The TPP will eliminate tariffs on American-made products and open markets in Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. . Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned the White House last month that it should..

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