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-Japan Trade Agreement at White House Washington, October 7, 2019... UNHCR ambassador and actress Cate Blanchett formerly Maha Mamo pose with passports part of UNHCR's Executive Committee meeting, at United Nations Geneva, Switzerland, October 7, 2019... ..

trump against the world at the g-7 summit

Over the weekend, French President Emmanuel Macron hosted G-7 summit with leaders from United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Japan, and Italy, along with President Trump, in attendance Biarritz, France. From skipping meeting on climate change — White House Trump was not short on causing..

contradictory actions by japan : the dong-a ilbo

When it slapped broad new trade restrictions early this month by excluding South Korea from its own “white list” of trusted trading partners, Japan said the new measure is to implement its export system properly from the perspective of national security. . ... When it slapped broad new..

will trump’s trade war with china ever end?

Trump joins Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, at their bilateral meeting at the 2019 G20 Japan Summit. (The White House, Public Domain) . WASHINGTON (THE CONVERSATION) — President Donald Trump recently escalated his trade war with China, threatening to impose a 10%..

the japan-korea semiconductor flap

In response to the court ruling, which particularly targets Nippon Steel and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Tokyo has removed South Korea from its “white list” of 27 countries that receive expedited treatment in trade transactions. (There is no direct causal relationship, but it’s..

let people judge history : the dong-a ilbo

What is important is, however, his socioeconomic dialectic followed paraconsistent logic and thus was not different from the black-and-white logic that we are concerned about.. Korean Yi Kwang-su collaborated with Japan during the period. I heard that some of my seniors were in the..


TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, in a tweet after recent remarks of US President Donald Trump in Japan, highlighted that there are enormous disparities between what the White House is saying and what it does in dealing with Tehran. . ... Earlier on Monday, in..

race and service in the pacific during world war ii

 White Supremacy and Japanese Attack on British Empire  and Horne's Facing the Rising Sun African Americans, Japan, and Rise of Afro-Asian Solidarity , Chris Dixon's  African Americans in Pacific War, 1941-1945,  is study of the time experiences of African Americans in Pacific..

trump: the resurgent cold war president

Fighting between Communist Chinese and Nationalist Chinese military forces for control of both islands subsided in the 1950s, however, Trump administration saber-rattling has, once, again, led to the islands again becoming hot spots in Cross-Straits rivalry egged on by White House. For the..

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