us plans permanent occupation of syrian territory

Fact The US came to Syria to stay, Pentagon forces and proxy jihadists operating from around 18 bases in the north near Turkey's and south near Iraq and Jordan.. White House statement said the US will neither support or be involved Turkey's planned cross-border against Syrian Kurdish..

white house iraq group

White House Iraq Group was the marketing arm of White House whose purpose was to sell the invasion of Iraq to the public.. ... Card, Jr formed White House Iraq Group, or WHIG, to set strategy for each stage of the confrontation with Baghdad. ..


The chemical gas attack on Halabja by Saddam in 1988, 000 Kurdish civilians, was carried out by Saddam in the dying months of Iran- Iraq war, during. -US-made white phosphorus is incendiary chemical weapon that melts flesh right down to the In 2009, human rights groups, including Human..

aides' woes could badly harm bush

Still, the investigation transcends Washington scandal sideshow because it goes to the heart of Bush's most decision as president Iraq. ... But subsequent accounts by journalists who spoke to Rove and Libby indicate just the opposite, suggesting the two might have led White House effort..

bush defends invasion of iraq

Democrats have seized on White House of Bush's speech to demand investigation into whether he and members of his administration manipulated intelligence to justify invading Iraq.. ... He noted that White House has refused to back away from its contention that Iraq..

section 1: trust in government 1958-2010

2001 terrorist attacks, trust government began slipping almost immediately and continued to tumble with the debate over Iraq, series of White House and congressional scandals, the poor response to Hurricane Katrina, and worsening economic conditions. ..

shadowy terrorist group emerges in iraq

new group Iraq called White Flag is coming under close scrutiny by U.S agencies amid concerns the organization could become successor to Islamic State.. White Flag is armed group operating in areas of northwestern and Iraq according to U.S defense and military..

new zealand defence white paper prepares for war

The government and Labour Party both support the deployment, of Iraq and Syria terrorism.. Ominously, White Paper declares it's that Defence Force will have to deploy to the region over the next ten years, for response beyond humanitarian assistance and disaster relief... ..

balance of federal powers

Instead, since the early 1990s, the White House and the State Department were in sole control. . ... Among its recommendations was a call for the United States to engage Syria and Iran in talks as a way of resolving matters in Iraq. ..

civil war in iraq undercuts america's options

By religious and ethnic militias, Until now I, too, that sectarian fighting Iraq was not the same where entire villages were burned to the in organized attacks. White House strategy for exiting Iraq depends on the ability of Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to reconcile..


Powell will connect the dots of U.S on Iraq's efforts to conceal its weapons programs from U.N inspectors, White House Ari Fleischer said, adding that the confrontation with Iraq was now entering final phase... ..

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