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Republican-controlled chamber approves historic curtailment of war powers, ahead of House vote White House threatens veto. Democrats argue snap investigation into Supreme Court nominee is incomplete, say White House may have limited agency's actions. ..

center for american progress

In less white, fast-growing states, the white noncollege share of Democrats tends to be low — from 32 percent Arizona and 30 percent Florida down to just 16 percent Texas and 14 percent Georgia, reflecting both populations that are less white noncollege and Democratic support..

different interpretations of polls in america

Rebecca Klar reported The Hill that the majority of Democrats picked white, middle-aged man, despite primary field with women, minorities and younger candidates competing for the nomination, according to USC Dornsife and Los Angeles Times national poll. ... The poll also found..

trump says democrats ‘hate’ jews

WASHINGTON — White House press Sarah Sanders on Monday refused to say whether President Donald Trump thinks Democrats hate. White House press Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Monday refused to say whether President Trump believes that Democrats hate Jews.. ..


(Of course, the percentage of white voters who identify as Democrats is much lower than it is for African-America or Hispanic voters.) . The Gallup data showed similar leftward shifts among white Democrats on taxing the rich, abortion, gay rights and a wide range of other..

2018: another ‘year of the woman’

According to exit polls, women constituted 52 percent of the electorate, compared to 48 percent for men and 59 percent of women voted for Democrats while 51 percent of men voted for Republicans. Exit polls showed that 49 percent of white women voted for Democrats and that 49..

fight ahead over law on hate crimes

Despite the outcry surrounding these events, effort to revamp and expand the federal hate crimes law failed last year, victim of intense end-of-session bargaining between White House and Republicans.. But even in defeat, ing victory -- the measure became priority for White House and..

section 6: religion and social values

In the first political values survey in 1987, however, there were modest differences in the percentages of Republicans, Democrats and independents. ... Just half of white non-Hispanic Democrats that prayer is very important, never doubt God's existence and express belief in..

the new normal

And what do Democrats think is going to happen.. Democratic Party leadership's conduct towards Kavanaugh is the water mark.  Having corrupted Congress and White House, Democrats have now corrupted Supreme Court.. ..


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