Thus in the United Kingdom, a Muslim man explained to a British woman why he was raping her: “you white women are good at it.”  Another Muslim man called a 13-year-old virgin “a little white slag”—British slang for “loose, promiscuous woman”—before raping..

i see dead people

and the press will not discuss British White Paper which cost over 100,000 European Jews their lives, their preference that only certain havens are considered acceptable, and Jewish homeland is not one of them.. ..

james brandon

Until recently, the idea of white British converts to Islam carrying out suicide bomb attacks in towns in England’s quiet, rural southwest would have been dismissed as fiction or fantasy. . . ..

the founding fathers of the state of israel

It was Ben-Gurion who shepherded Jewish Palestine through the period of British mandate and into statehood. We shall fight White Paper as if there was no war and the war as if there was no White Paper served as example as to how he was able to pursue conflicting strategies at the time..

white peoples and their achievements

But why do New York Times, CNN, NPR, and white professors throughout the university system, school boards, white politicians, such as France's Macron and European Community's  Jean-Claude Juncker and Germany's Merkel and assortment of British and Scandinavian politicians demonize..

maternal mental health, ethnicity and culture

The ethnicity or nationality of participants included Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, South Asian, Asian, Mixed Asian British, Pathan, Black, Black African, Nigerian, Ghanaian, Black Caribbean, Portuguese, White American, and White Australian. ..

the pitfalls of ethnic pay gaps

If we look at the data we already have on ethnic pay, we may well find that most ethnic groups are paid less than white British workers on average. ... Interestingly, Bangladeshi heritage women earn more than Bangladeshi men, and Black African British women earn 21 percent more..

the making of white people

Painter recounts the largely forgotten history of white Europe and of white indentured servants sent British colonies, pointing out that in seventeenth-century Virginia bonded whites outnumbered Africans on tobacco plantations. ..

race and service in the pacific during world war ii

 White Supremacy and Japanese Attack on British Empire  and Horne's Facing the Rising Sun African Americans, Japan, and Rise of Afro-Asian Solidarity , Chris Dixon's  African Americans in Pacific War, 1941-1945,  is study of the time experiences of African Americans in Pacific..

western media attacks critics of the white helmets

She might have acknowledged that Vanessa Beeley has some familiarity with Middle East she is the daughter of one of British Arabists and diplomats including British Ambassador to Egypt. By that name that has existed since Giovanni might have explored Beeley's research Syria that revealed..

britain's grooming gangs: part 1

On July 24, 2018, Britain's Home Secretary, conservative MP Sajid Javid, issued orders for research into the ethnic origins of the country's many sexual grooming gangs that had involved large numbers of loosely-termed 'Asian men', who, over many years, had taken vulnerable young white..

my problem with black identity

Like Ta-Nehisi Coates in the US, commentators such as Afua Hirsch, Reni Eddo-Lodge and others wanting to fly in the often accredited punditsphere talk of the persistence of racism, worry at the inexorable force of white privilege, and damn British society as inhospitable place for black..

when we burned canadian york

British burning of Capitol, White House, and other buildings Washington, D.C., August 1814 was direct and retaliation for American looting and burning of Legislative Assembly and other buildings York, now Toronto, Ontario, April 1813. ..

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