weekend read: racism is killing black americans

Numerous studies over the years have laid bare the health outcomes between minority groups and white Americans.. The mortality rate is more when the majority of African Americans were enslaved, and one that is not related to the economic or educational status of the mother.. ..

a question for joe biden

I'd like to Biden say whether he supports the idea of the government conditioning grants to localities on their willingness to require that certain amount of housing in mostly White neighborhoods be occupied by African- Americans. ..

how wall street colonized the caribbean

White representations of African Americans, in particular, were exported to West Indies and inscribed in vast and diffuse archive of pamphlets, reports, circulars, press releases, prospectuses, and journal articles produced by Wall Street about Caribbean and Latin America. ..

hiv and gay and bisexual men

estimated 632,300 gay and men had HIV at the end of 2015, representing 56% of everyone with HIV.g By race ethnicity, 240,900 were white, 201,800 were African American, 151,200 were Hispanic Latino, and 38,400 were other races ethnicities.. ..

democrats need to be more democratic

Nationwide, about 40 of Democratic support is from non-whites, very close to the overall of United States where only 61 cent of the population is white — figure that is declining.. Yet among Iowa's population of three million people, 91 cent are white, less barely three..

war in black and white: african american soldiers’

Finally, album from Munich, Germany paints interesting contrast with the discriminatory practices detailed by Miller, showing Black and white soldiers swimming together in apparently unsegregated pool.. Prior to the war, African Americans wishing to serve in the military had been..

incarcerated women and girls

In 2016, the imprisonment rate for African American women was twice the rate of imprisonment for white women .3 ) Carson, E.A.. ... The rate of imprisonment for African American women has been declining since 2000, while the rate of imprisonment for white and Hispanic..

tulsa's long history of racism

By two white men against five, THE MURDEROUS shooting spree African Americans Tulsa was reminder of one of the worst episodes of anti-Black in US history — riot that targeted Black businesses and included bombardment of African American neighborhoods.. ... Walter White..

south african student protests, 1968 to 2016

Black Consciousness ideology, was influenced bythe SASO leadership's reading of Frantz Fanon, particularly Black Skin, White Masksand African AmericanBlack Power in the generation, certainly some of the most young intellectuals have engaged Fanon in fresh perspective. ..

race and service in the pacific during world war ii

 White Supremacy and Japanese Attack on British Empire  and Horne's Facing the Rising Sun African Americans, Japan, and Rise of Afro-Asian Solidarity , Chris Dixon's  African Americans in Pacific War, 1941-1945,  is study of the time experiences of African Americans in Pacific..

identity politics = white genocide

The answer is that the same Identity Politics that interferes in scientific inquiry in order to be able to blame lower average black IQ scores on “white oppression” creates a range of other “facts” that demonize white peoples. ... (See, for example,..

race regimes

In it, the author unpacks similar features of German laws to identify and exclude Jews in the half of the 1930s with Jim Crow laws restricting African Americans from white society in the US. ..


The imprisonment rate for African American women is twice that of white women. . Nationwide, African American children represent 32% of children who are arrested, . 42% of children who are detained, and 52% of children whose cases are judicially . waived to criminal court. . ..


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