white nationalism is now a global terror threat

Despite President Donald Trump's suggestion that white terrorism is not problem, data from United Nations, the opposite.  . ... In Europe, white violence appears to have been triggered by the sudden increase, in 2015, of refugees fleeing Syria and elsewhere in Middle East.. ..

abolish the ivy league—or break it up?

While there are lots of white and Asian kids with test scores sufficient to gain entrance to Harvard and Yale, the pool of black and school students, even with the lower test score thresholds, is not large enough to maintain the current proportion of enrollment that is essential for white..

hunting dinosaurs in central africa

Robinson, The Lost White Tribe Explorers, Scientists, and the Theory that Changed Continent, 112 Jean-Loïc Le Quellec, The White Lady and Atlantis, Ophir and Great Zimbabwe Investigation of Archaeological Myth, 102.. Douglas Preston, The Lost City of Monkey God True Story, 16 17..

time for a national primary

Super Tuesday's states vary geography, diversity and economic outlook, from mega-state California to Vermont, white Massachusetts to states like Texas and North Carolina, where African-American and Hispanic voters are pillars of Democratic electorate.. ..

the facts on white nationalism

Experts, however, white nationalism and white supremacy, are on the rise, in U.S and around the world.. ... The Anti-Defamation League reports 182 percent increase in incidents of the distribution of white propaganda, and more rallies and demonstrations by white..

the death and life of the jewish century

The charge of anti-Semitism can now be applied, it seems, to white nationalists and left-wing anti-racists alike. . . ... Whatever historical trauma Jews may collectively bear, this line of thinking goes, they still generally live among white people, and they are seen as just other..

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