state police turmoil

At the Massachusetts State Police, eight in 10 troopers are white men, no minorities hold high-ranking positions, and there have been numerous discrimination accusations. . . . . ..

march 18, 2019

It's bit convoluted, White Star Line started construction of three new liners The  Olympic, Titanic and Britannic, in that order.  ... Soooo, White Star switched the names of new Titanic with the  Olympic. ..

a new civilising mission

This mission – not dissimilar to Rudyard Kipling’s ‘white man’s burden’ – served as a way to justify the extraction of natural resources, the theft of land and the super-exploitation of indigenous labour. ... Posters appeared in the streets that depicted an Algerian woman wearing the..

once in royal david’s city

Director: Patrick Howard Featuring: Alana Birtles, Ben Brighton, Amy Victoria Brooks, Sandra Campbell, Nathalie Fenwick, Nicholas Foustellis, Angela Johnston, Alice Livingstone, Aimee Lodge, Francisco Lopez, Martin Portus, Bryden White-Tuohey Production & Lighting Designer: Victor Kalka Sound..

the male feminist movement time forgot

Steinem wrote the introduction to Marc Feigen Fasteau’s book, calling him “a spy in the ranks” of the white male elite. ... Following the 2016 election, women of color, quite rightly, have told white women to come get their people. ..


Democrats launched sweeping new probe of President Donald Trump on Monday, investigation that threatens to shadow the president through the election season with inquiries into his White House, campaign family businesses.. ..

ballots behind bars

For most people, voting rights remains issue grounded in either morality or security while for the party leaders strategically, voting right restoration or ID laws are almost explicitly about gaining in elections, so there's lot of stark black and white areas or one-upmanship that makes it hard to..


The local sources, meantime, quoted member of White Helmets as saying that tens of women and children. ... Evidence of White Helmet involvement with anti-government militants and other abuses, such was presented to the UN December.        .. ..

white men: captain marvel is not for you

She bravely spoke out about reviews A Wrinkly Time received, stating that too many white men had seen it. ... Simple, because 100 percent of reviews are written by white men only 42 percent of them are woke enough to accept that Oprah may just be Second Coming .. ..

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