blacks moved . . . and changed america

Gregory, in his book The Southern Diaspora How Great Migrations of Black and White Southerners Transformed America, only 8 percent of Blacks lived outside South in 1900, and by 1970, that number had grown to 47 percent.. ..

venezuela, the united states and hypocrisy

The hapless voters selected the former, 000,000 votes, yet Electoral College installed the in White House.. ... One understands that preventing fraud is important, and, again despite the pronouncements of the raving in White House, there is no evidence whatsoever of fraud anywhere in..

the struggle for racial justice has a long way to go

But Democrats, once they began to see how successful Southern strategy was in appealing to poor and working-class whites, began adopting the very same rhetoric and the very same in effort to win back the so-called white swing voters, Reagan Democrats, the folks. Former segregationists started..

uncovering boston's radical history

By political elites to defend oppression and segregation and maintain white supremacist control over the Unlike other community struggles against intrusion to remake neighborhoods in the interests of capital that brought working-class and poor families together across the color line, the crusade..

the return of scientific racism

Before the end of the century, Virginia Assembly proclaimed that all white men were superior to Blacks, and passed law requiring masters to provide white servants with money, supplies, and land when they had completed their period of indenture.15 Theodore Allen describes this development..

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