Western women are to blame for being raped by Muslim men.  Such is the latest position, being offered by those Western elements dedicated to exonerating Muslim behavior, particularly order to continue taking in more Muslim migrants.. ... The professor's conclusion was..

cas class explores women in the muslim world

Now generation of Muslim feminists are increasingly using Twitter hashtags like #Lifeofamuslimfeminst, and discussion forums to advocate for their rights and discuss the complexities of being Muslim feminist, both to men and to Western feminists. ..

on my visit to new zealand

The fact that she, along with numerous women throughout the country, wore symbolic head-scarves in order to send a message to Muslims that they are not alone, while countless thousands of New Zealanders mourned the victims who perished in Al Noor and Linwood mosques, was unprecedented in the recent history of..

women empowerment: what went wrong for muslims?

Today due to same religious conflicts, insincere and uneducated religious leaders, international intrigues, weak understanding of their own religion and the awe of western ideology, Muslim youth is facing the same shift of paradigm. Western women who had to fight for their basic..

muslims need to confront muslim evil

But these are largely useless because: a) they are usually issued by Western Muslim organizations; b) even when they are issued by Middle Eastern Muslims, they almost always include condemnation of “state terrorism,” which is Muslim-speak for condemnation of any use of force by Israel;..

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