5 lessons from the death of baghdadi

the specifics remain elusive, what we do know about the raid that led to his death, illustrates series of lessons about US counterterrorism since 11, when United States put the fight against groups like al-Qaeda and Islamic State at the top of its priority list... ..

venezuela: the bachelet lie

The UN was created as an instrument for Peace. It is currently manipulated by the western powers, led by – who else? – the US of A, as an instrument to foment war. Yes, once more, the UN and one of its top agencies for peace advocacy – The Human Rights Commission – has..

world revolution and communist tactics

This text was published De Nieuwe Tijd in 1920, Kommunismus, Vienna-based Comintern theoretical organ for South-East Europe Petrograd under Die Entwicklung Weltrevolution and die Taktik des Communismus, and the publishing house of Communist Party of Austria.. ..

how to win a hybrid war

By the conventional forces, Most of the current military scholars writing about this concept conflate regular and warfare wherein multiple threats like subversion, economic sabotage, cyber-attacks, warfare, and isolation are used as toolkits to condition the target for final attack. ..


TEHRAN - Australia's on Friday said Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad had history of anti- Jewish statements in war of words over Australia might move its embassy to Israel to Jerusalem.. ..


But Ellemann-Jensen said that would send the message to the non- EC nations of Western Europe and the Eastern European nations that seeking in the community.. EC, must become the instrument for uniting all of Europe... ..

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