. $1.2bln Fraud Gang Disbanded in Western Iran  . . Iran, India to Keep Settling Oil Trade in Rupee  . . ..

an indian election

That said, the crucial thing that made this system work (not very well, but it did work) was the fact the Congress was a well organized machine with representation for people from most parts of India. Major Congress leaders of this period represented Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western..

bibi netanyahu: world's most strategic man?

But he is also preparing for a future that may be less Western-oriented by strengthening ties with Russia, China, and India. Furthermore, he is extricating western European influence over Israeli policy by contributing towards EU institutional weakness and befriending Cyprus,..

the battle over the early indians

Genetic studies have confirmed that they come from a single ethnic group that left north-western India (the regions of Punjab, Sindh, Rajasthan and Haryana) some 1500 years ago – long after Indo-European languages became well established in Europe and elsewhere. ..

the new humanitarian

Chin State in western Myanmar, bordering India . Mon . 2 percent . Mon State in southern Myanmar . ... Rakhine State in western Myanmar . Shan  . 9 percent . Shan State, bordering Thailand . ..

u.s. denies pakistan link

U.S wants Pakistan to feel confident enough to redeploy crack troops from its border with India to fight al-Qaida and allied Islamic extremists in the western area bordering Afghanistan. India, has charged that unspecified elements Pakistan were involved in the assault. ..


Berlin Wall ...

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