remembering the world of 1619

While Americans focus on the Atlantic slave trade, in which whites purchased black slaves on the western Africa coast, we cannot forget the Arab slave trade, which began in the Middle Ages and penetrated deeper and deeper inland over the centuries. ... It wasn’t the same kind of slavery..

don't expect debt relief, united states warns africa

PRETORIA - African countries running up debt they wo not be able to pay back, including to China, should not expect to be bailed out by western-sponsored debt relief, United States top Africa diplomat warned... ... And debt campaigners point to the fact that much of Africa's debt..

men outnumber women in nigeria - unpd

Other regions will see varying rates of increase between 2019 and 2050 Oceania excluding Australia New Zealand, Northern Africa and Western Asia, Australia New Zealand, Central and Southern Asia, Latin America and Caribbean, Eastern and South- Eastern Asia, and Europe and Northern America..


Secretary Pompeo says the summit will bring together representatives from 70 countries from Asia, Africa, Western Hemisphere, Europe and Middle East. ..

al qaeda in north africa threatens attacks on

Al Qaeda in North Africa Threatens Attacks on Western Companies . Somalia terrorists attack US group, kill one Special Forces commando . . ... The al Qaeda terrorist group in North Africa last month issued a threat to attack Western companies, and U.S. security officials..


Centuries Of Colonialism And Slavery Devastated Africa, Leaders Said, And Some Want Western Nations To Pay For The Years Of Damage... DURBAN, South Africa -- variety of African leaders Saturday demanded apologies, and in some cases financial reparations, from Western..

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