german lessons

Shocked, and stared disbelief at the inconceivable, the fuzzy shots, grainy black and white, of tens of thousands of people waving sledgehammers and champagne bottles, dancing and singing — on top of Berlin Wall, for 28 years one of the most borders on the planet. ..

richard mcneil willson

Richard McNeil Willson Richard McNeil Willson is student at Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, specialising Islamic western Europe and Middle East. ..

gender equality in global health a far cry

Global Health 50 2019 Report, disseminated today at event co-hosted by National Women's Commission and Centre for Research on Environment Health and Population Activities revealed that there was widespread gender-based discrimination at workplaces around the world. ..

pakistan, israel and the muslim world

In the 1920s and 1930s, Arab leaders never seemed to settle on whether they wanted to work with British and accept the premise of two communities, Arab and Jewish, Palestine or reject cooperation and lump Jews and British together as colonial interlopers.. ..

one in every nine human beings goes hungry

The number of hungry people in the world continues to grow, reaching 821 in 2017, or one in every nine people, of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2018, released Tuesday Rome by the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations, World Health Organization, UNICEF and other groups.. ..

syrian president wavers

DAMASCUS, Syria -- Syrian President Bashar Assad wavered between cracking down and compromising Monday in one of Middle East's most authoritarian and anti-Western nations as thousands of protesters in city defied security forces. ..

league criticizes bombing

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Sunday that U.S expects to turn control of Libya military mission over to coalition -- headed either by French and British or by NATO -- in matter of days... ..

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