the info war of all against all

Al-Nabhani argued that the creation of Israel was sign that Muslims were weak, unable to stand up for each other, corrupted by Western notions like the nation-state, the community of Muslims, into separate countries. ..

freedom of movement

The polemics surrounding the extension of intra- European freedom of movement to the citizens of the post-2004 accession states illustrate the comeback of western fears of eastern immigrants after 1989. ..

empire state of mind

The places where we've planted our flag and they're particularly concerned about Micronesia, which is a sort of buffer zone between Japan and the western parts of the United States including Hawaii. ... Liverpool is the sort of contact zone between the United States and Western Europe. . ..

northern syria: what happens with the is fighters?

If European governments must choose between supporting a Yazidi rape victim (and her unwanted child) or a woman who voluntarily left Europe to spit on Western society and the values of her country of origin by joining the Islamic State, they should choose the first option.” . . .   Original..

a kind of suicide

Paul Adams is a professor emeritus of social work at the University of Hawaii and was a professor and associate dean of academic affairs at Case Western Reserve University. ..

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