a fourth of july thought

NEW YORK TIMES’S PETER BAKER: [Putin’s] comments to the Financial Times right before arriving here was that Western-style liberalism is obsolete. ... *When I first heard someone say that Trump thought “Western liberalism” had to do with SF Democrats, I thought they were joking. . ...

akkuyu nuclear power plant

Western nations on the other hand including Russia have been turning blind eye to Turkey's behaviour and continue to supply that country with billions upon billions worth of weapons weapons the country can ill-afford. ..


number of residents of the towns of al-Salehiyeh, Tal Balal and Mokhtaleh Western Ra'as al-Ain Hasaka held protest rallies in front of SDF's al-Mosmakeh, Arabic-language Baladi news website reported.. ... In June, SDF had increased economic pressures on the residents of the city of al-Tabaqa..

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