now, the swedish arrest warrant for assange

Contrast, for example, the “Panama Papers,” which – contrary to promises – only ever saw less than 2 percent of the raw material published and where major western companies and individuals were completely protected from revelation because of the use of MSM intermediaries. ..

the lure of western europe

Nevertheless, the lure of Western Europe, its prosperity, its culture, and the continental and transatlantic institutions built by Adenauer, Churchill, Jean Monnet, Robert Schuman, and handful of Dutch, Belgian, and Italian statesmen, did become powerful. ..

god and man everywhere

While Buckley, was aware of the wider existential struggles taking place Western society his groundbreaking book was, in its essence, case study in the failures of institution. ... These questions must be asked, as the troubles that afflicted Yale Buckley's day are no longer confined to the realm..

democracy vs. the putin-nazis

Western masses have been inundated with innumerable articles, editorials, segments, books, media posts, and various other forms of messaging whipping up hysteria over. ... This post-Orwellian, neo- McCarthyite mass hysteria is not going to stop not until the capitalist ruling classes have..


'I have conveyed Iran’s message to European and western states’ envoys during meetings with them at Iran’s embassy,” he said. . ..

a new volkisch mythos

The western based (and funded) NGOs have a pretty long track record now of craven support for U.S. government foreign policy decisions. ... Promoted by PEGIDA and the AfD, the new threat are Muslim immigrants and the idea of the “Islamization” of the Western culture. ..

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