when french identity died

It provides for the creation of association managed by French Muslims that will train and pay France, pay for the building and maintenance of mosques, and manage communication between organized Islam and the state.. ..

hollow us calls for ending war in yemen it launched

NATO, Israel, Saudis and UAE, along with other countries, are partnered with US regional wars, wanting pro- Western puppet regimes replacing independent governance.. ... Iranian factor is also in play, Washington allied with Saudis, Israel, and other regional partners against Islamic Republic,..


It further said that the National Liberation Front had cut off a road from Tahrir al-Sham's positions in Western Aleppo to the Northwestern part of the province. . ..

jordan to reclaim israeli-run farms

If short-range ballistic missiles are launched from southern or western Iraq, Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh, and the Israeli city of Tel Aviv would fall well within the missiles’ 430-mile range. . “It seems Iran has been turning Iraq into its forward missile base” and is now using the..

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