how the west got china wrong

But now, Chang says, er for the top spot the inability of West to moderate the behaviour of China... ... Among the factors putting West on the wrong course with China is that West did not understand the nature of Soviet system, thinking that Soviet Union was state like any..

sunguta west

Sunguta West . . Sunguta West is an independent journalist based in Nairobi. . . Contact Sunguta West . . . Articles by Sunguta West . . Despite facing increased pressure from Africa Union (AU) troops and constant U.S. military airstrikes, al-Shabaab successfully staged a..

islam, blasphemy, and the east-west divide

In short, the friction exposed by Satanic Verses controversy still haunts the world and will do so, again and again, in the future friction between West's to speech and Muslims aversion to blasphemy.. ... This may be hard to understand for Islamists in the slums of Pakistan, and Muslims living..

vladimir putin to the west: 'we will bury you!'

Khrushchev proposed to us a policy of “peaceful co-existence,” allowing us to understand that non-acceptance by the West equated to the nonexistence of life on our planet. ... Following this, we see the progressive deterioration of relations between Russia and the West that has lasted..

in memoriam: professor william w. van alstyne

In Memoriam: Professor William W. Van Alstyne . . Lee Professor   Professor Van Alstyne was widely regarded as one of the nation’s most preeminent constitutional law scholars of his time.   . . . ... William W. Van Alstyne, one of the nation's foremost constitutional law scholars, and..

presstv-west at risk as us loses military edge

PressTV-West at risk as US loses military edge. The West is losing the contest for pre-eminence in the emerging order. ... But the erosion of US military cap­abilities is of even greater concern because West's ­ad­vantage power has ­under­pinned these institutions and..

why the west won't act on china's uighur crisis

They argue that foreign governments, namely in the rights-promoting West, should impose economic sanctions and threaten to boycott Chinese companies in punitive response. . ... Tens of thousands of Uighurs have fled the Xinjiang region in recent years, with many attempting to get asylum in the..

the west has islam dangerously wrong

Approximately eighteen months later, United States Supreme Court voted 5-4 to uphold version of Trump's Muslim ban — decision that Omar Jadwat of ACLU's Immigrants Rights Project has lambasted on par with the Korematsu v. ..

shutdown, brexit wobble the west

These developments — plus the instability in France and Germany — show just how politically crippled the West is right now. . ... Failed Dem congressional candidate Richard Ojeda (who filed his FEC paperwork on Nov. 11 — a week after losing his bid in West Virginia) . . ..

egyptian-canadian writer on mosques in the west

During interview with German-Egyptian and Hamed Abdel-Samad that was uploaded to Abdel-Samad's YouTube channel on January 14, 2019, Egyptian-Canadian Said Shoaib said that imams in West embrace Islam and Westerners by talking about the greatness of Islamic caliphate.. He said that these things..

paul w. taylor

One man's test of the vehicle charging infrastructure along West Coast highlights the ahead for states and localities in meeting Obama administration's new fuel efficiency rules... ..

george h w bush: the internationalist president

George Bush senior, or 41, to distinguish him from his son, America's 43rd George W Bush, served in White House from 1989 1993, period that coincided with the collapse of Soviet Union and Iraq war.. Bush deserves significant credit for mobilising multinational force to eject Saddam Hussein from..

shin bet director: west bank deceptively quiet

Shin Bet Director: West Bank Deceptively Quiet . . Shin Bet Director: West Bank Deceptively Quiet . . . ... The late Herbert W. Armstrong explained in his most popular book, , that the Anglo-Saxon peoples who settled the United States and Britain are the descendants of ancient..

the israeli settlements in the west bank -

 It's truth that should be acknowledged that Israeli settlements in West Bank are not the central nor the problem preventing peace process to resolve Israeli- Palestinian conflict. Other factors, can be considered the conviction that Jewish settlements in West Bank are illegal and..

west mulls options amid aleppo battle

The ratification of the deal, comes as tensions with West spike over Aleppo.. ... The US Syria is about keeping the hegemony of Americans around the world, not allowing anyone to be partner on the political or arena, whether Russia or even their allies in West... ..

suicide of the west

The suicide of West is occurring north of our border as well. Former Canadian military Tom Quiggin joins us to discuss bias at Canadian Broadcast Corporation, who favors Islamic platforms and denigrates Christian ones. ..

west bank: reports of torture in palestinian detention

These two cases are among more than 100 allegations of torture registered so far this year with the Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR), the official Palestinian human rights ombudsman, against security services in the West Bank. . ... Since June 2007, according to the commission, PA..

israeli roadblocks up by 40% in west bank

JERUSALEM -- Israel's network of military checkpoints and road barriers in West Bank has grown by 40 percent in the year, part of increasingly sophisticated system of controls that disrupts all aspects of Palestinian, U.N agency said Wednesday. These physical obstacles are carving up West..

soviets, west germans edge closer on nato

Since then, largely under the influence of West German political pressure and the promise of future economic aid, Soviet Union has moved closer to accepting West's demand that Germany remain member of North Atlantic Treaty Organization.. ... West Germany, which already has..

social democrats win in w. germany

BONN, WEST GERMANY — The Social Democratic Party, West Germany's principal opposition party, won Saarland state elections Sunday.. ... The Social Democratic showing West Germany's smallest state was Sunday while that of Christian Democrats was weaker.. ..

west berlin's ruling coalition loses majority

BONN, WEST GERMANY — Municipal elections West Berlin on Sunday dealt blow to the governing center-right coalition, while small extreme-right party led by SS officer made strong showing to gain its first parliamentary seats.. ... The party was expected to take 11 out of 144 seats in..

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